Fibocom and Aetina Collaborate to Bring 5G Release 16 Capabilities to NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX-Based Edge AI

Embedded in the Fibocom FM160-EAU module, which has 3GPP Release 16 capabilities, the Aetina AN810-XNX edge AI is built on the Nvidia Jetson NX platform, to jointly bring 5G connectivity and edge AI capability to robotic applications, drones, industrial inspection, etc.

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SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fibocom (ticker: 300638), a global leader in wireless IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and wireless communication modules, announces a collaboration with Aetina Corporationthe provider of high-performance GPGPU and peripheral AI solutions, at Embedded World 2022. This joint effort aims to bring high-speed, ultra-reliable and low-latency 5G capabilities powered by the 5G Module Fibocom R16 compliant FM160-WATERAetina’s AN810-XNX edge AI computing platform, for the robotics, drones, industrial IoT, connected healthcare and other industries.

Called AIoT, the combination of artificial intelligence and IoT creates new possibilities in the era of accelerated and informed decision-making. The high responsiveness of AIoT is the result of shifting computing power to the edge. Based on NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier NX, Aetina AN810-XNX is the world’s leading platform for performance and efficient AI computing. This peripheral computing platform supports M.2 device with expansion port, to help developers enhance their systems’ communication capability, connectivity flexibility, with flexible and fast I/O connectivity.

5G enables AIoT to eliminate the data-to-transmission bottleneck, while analyzing and learning data with rapid accuracy. Compliant with 3GPP Release 16 (R16) standards, Fibocom FM160-EAU is a high-performance 5G M.2 module supporting NR carrier aggregation, which optimizes 5G user experience with exceptional speed, wide coverage , boosted efficiency and increased capacity. Integrated with the Aetina AN810-XNX edge AI platform, the FM160-EAU provides edge-optimized 5G R16 capabilities, enabling businesses and industry to rely on intelligent, autonomous decisions.

Fibocom and Aetina will deepen their relationship to optimize edge AI solutions based on the Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin platform, with a high-performance 5G module compliant with the latest 3GPP standards. Together with industry partners, Fibocom and Aetina are committed to promoting the development of 5G AIoT.

“Aetina has built a broad and strong ecosystem in the global edge AI industry,” said Austin Lin, Jetson Series Product Division Head, Aetina. “This partnership with Fibocom responds to our customers’ growing expectations for the development of proven AI platforms with real-time peripheral connectivity.”

“Our collaboration with Aetina demonstrates Fibocom’s commitment to making the AIoT world a reality,” said Simon Tao, General Manager, MBB Product Management Dept., Fibocom. “By bringing 5G capabilities to the edge, AIoT will realize its full potential and pave the way for massive connectivity that will revolutionize the way we live, work and play.”

About Aetina

Established in 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan, Aetina Corporation is a leader in high-performance GPGPU and Jetson peripheral AI solutions for embedded applications. With particular attention to the industrial sector, we provide industrial components and longevity services. We are also an integrator in the AIoT market to lower the barriers our customers face with smart, innovative and reliable GPU solutions.

About Fibocom

Fibocom is one of the world’s leading providers of wireless communication solutions and modules in the IoT (Internet of Things) industry, as well as the first publicly listed wireless module provider (ticker: 300638) in China. We provide end-to-end IoT wireless communication solutions to telecom operators, IoT equipment manufacturers and IoT system integrators. With more than two decades of commitment in M2M and IoT communication technologies, and with extensive know-how, we are able to independently develop high-performance wireless communication modules, particularly in the following areas: 5G, LTE/LTE-A, NB-IoT/LTE-M, Android Smart, Automotive, WCDMA/HSPA(+), GSM/GPRS, Wifi and GNSS. In addition to reliable, convenient, secure and smart IoT communication solutions for virtually every industry vertical, we also aim to customize the best IoT modules and solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Fibocom and Aetina Collaborate to Bring 5G Release 16 Capabilities to NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX-Based Edge AI

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