Google: this feature will change your life

With Multisearch, Google makes it possible to combine image search with keyword searches. A stunning novelty that will change the way you use Google.

Google reigns as the undisputed master of search engines on the web and does not want to lose its place. The Mountain View firm continues to develop its solution to make it easier for us to find answers to our questions. Already capable of performing keyword or image searches with Lens, Google wants to go even further by combining the two.

The Internet giant has just to present “multisearch”, a multiple search function that combines visual search and keyword search. Until now, it was possible for Google to analyze an image and provide information or display similar images. However, it is not necessarily possible to refine this search by integrating keywords. You can try the experiment on a computer, but the results most often lack relevance.

How it works ?

With its latest feature, the firm is interested in complex searches. Concretely, the tool can help find a garment or a pair of shoes in another color. Example: you have a crush on a yellow dress and you would like to find it in another color; just search by image with Google Lens and then add the keyword “blue” or “green”. The search engine will then offer the same dress, but in the color of your choice.

Google’s innovation could therefore save you time during your search. It is directly integrated into the Google application for Android or iOS and uses the Lens function. To use it, you have to press the camera icon and search by taking a photo or selecting a photo from your phone (saved image, screenshot, etc.). Next, Google added a new button at the top of the screen called “Add to your search”. It is from this location that the user can add text to refine his search on Google.


Unfortunately, the feature is currently only available in beta in the United States. Google explains that its solution is especially effective for shopping and that it is based on artificial intelligence. “All of this is made possible by our latest advances in artificial intelligence, which make understanding the world around you more natural and intuitive”, explains Belinda Zeng, product manager of Google Search. The manager adds that the Californian firm is studying how it could improve “multisearch” with MUM. This new artificial intelligence model (Multitask Unified Model (MUM)) could be used to “improve results for any question you could imagine asking”.

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Google: this feature will change your life

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