How Humanlinker wants to disrupt business relationships

Since its creation in September 2020, the Montpellier startup Humanlinker has pursued its objective with determination: to revolutionize commercial relations in BtoB thanks to artificial intelligence.

After a first fundraising of 700,000 euros which enabled it to begin the development of its technology, the startup finalized its second fundraising in April, this time of 2.5 million euros, from fifteen business angels and two investment funds.

“This fundraiser will allow us to shape the future of revenue generation,” announces Thibault Brioland, co-founder of Humanlinker.

Target the right interlocutor

It was after several entrepreneurial experiences in new technologies that Thibault Brioland and Régis Viarre decided to join forces to create Humanlinker.

“We realized common issues in business generation, namely that sales managers do not have the tools to align teams around a strategy linked to ideal customer profiles. The BtoB sales process is becoming more and more automated, which damages relationships. With Humanlinker, we are putting people back at the center of relationships by developing software bricks that provide additional functions to CRMs (Customer Relationship Management, Ed.) The most common “, synthesizes Thibault Brioland.

Aimed more specifically at fast-growing companies, connected to the two leading commercial relationship management software programs (Hubspot and Salesforce), the technology developed by Humanlinker is capable of detecting information on the targeted company (financial data, company structure , news such as fundraising or internationalization, etc.) and to categorize them. Algorithms thus allow sales teams to target the right contacts among their prospects and to offer a personalized experience.

Heading for England and Germany

Until now incubated at the Entrepreneurship Center of Montpellier Business School and at the Montpellier BIC, Humanlinker has just opened offices in Montpellier and a branch in Paris.

To support its development, the startup, which currently has five employees, will recruit around fifteen people by the end of the year. A third of the workforce will be required to work in full-remote.

Humanlinker currently has around ten clients, mainly fast-growing startups or scale-ups. Its economic model is based on the sale of an annual license invoiced between 5,000 and 40,000 euros per user (the price varying according to the CRM used and the number of users).

The startup intends to put its desktop application at the service of sales teams throughout France but also in two neighboring countries, Germany and England.

“We are aiming for around thirty customers by the end of the year before rolling out throughout Europe and the USA, projects the co-founder of Humanlinker. This will be a good marker for investors during our next fundraising, between 10 and 15 million euros, by the end of 2023.”

Valuable creative features

To achieve its ambitions, Humanlinker, labeled deeptech by Bpifrance, has integrated Caroline Franczia, an international reference in the dirty managementand has signed a partnership with the CEA Tech accelerator and other organizations such as the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (INRIA).

In a few months, the startup should launch a new innovation brick called Deep Relationship Mappingpromoting introductory recommendations to company managers.

“This will be the keystone of trade relations, assures Thibault Brioland. We are the first to attack this market, CRM players being traditionally confined to functionalities that have proven themselves but are of little creative value. However, this market is worth 58 billion dollars and it will be 128 billion in 2028. The future of CRM depends on breakthrough innovations and Humanlinker has its role to play. »