ICESCO launches advocacy for teachers

Believing that teachers are the cornerstone of the education system and the driving force for the development of education, on October 5 every year, the world celebrates World Teachers’ Day, which this year is placed under the theme: “ Educational transformation starts with teachers “.

On this occasion, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) calls for making teachers the key factor in efforts to transform education, and for reconsidering the teaching profession in order to produce creative and innovative people with balanced and effective personalities.

In September 2022, the international community announced its commitment to transform education so that it meets the learning needs of all, for the world of today and tomorrow. To this end, ICESCO recalls the need to realize that teachers are the cornerstone of the realization of these hopes, because the real transformation of education passes first and foremost through investment in teachers. It is therefore necessary to provide the necessary number of teachers, to train and qualify them well, in order to improve their skills and capacities, and to create the appropriate context for their work, through their appreciation and support, to achieve stability. financial, material and moral, and by offering them incentives to motivate them and provide them with suitable working conditions.

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In this context, ICESCO stresses the need to bring about a radical and concrete transformation of the condition of teachers, to train them and develop their professional skills, in order to contribute to the transformation of education as planned, because the image teacher’s future is different from the current picture. The teacher of the future must be equipped with skills in proactive thinking, and critical and creative thinking, teamwork skills, crisis management skills, teaching skills, assessment, remote monitoring and communication using modern technologies.

In addition to emotional stability, psychological and emotional balance, the ability to communicate with others, the ability to work under pressure and to work in all circumstances and conditions.

ICESCO also calls for more investment in new technologies, using artificial intelligence applications in the educational process, and training teachers to use them. In parallel with the celebration of this day, ICESCO launched the “ ICESCO Prize for open digital educational resources at the service of the continuity of the educational process “.

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ICESCO launches advocacy for teachers

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