Ihmtek reinvents recruitment with COLABVIUS

The French startup IHMTEK has developed COLABVIUS, a tool that assesses the psychological profile of a candidate during recruitment. The goal? Translate soft skills into real professional skills, meeting, among other things, the needs of companies.

This new solution joins an already extensive range of personalized services in the interactive applications sector, including virtual and augmented reality. She specializes in the development of VR and AR technologies.

Find out a little more about the company, founded in 2012 by César Mendoza under the name Interactive Human Machine Technologies (IHMTEK), as well as his latest project: COLABVIUS.

How COLABVIUS is rethinking recruitment

To be truly relevant in the recruitment process, Colabvius has been designed in collaboration with human resources and BIG DATA professionals.

The principle is to create a Serious Game, a VR video game that will test soft skills and behavior candidates. Thus, this playful solution, which immerses the candidate in a whimsical and gamified universe, encourages the candidate to act intuitively, breaking, in fact, “traditional” recruitment practices. Once the game is over, the data collected will be evaluated by an artificial intelligence.

To best suit each situation, IHMTEK has integrated 5 universes with totally different atmospheres into COLABVIUS, to better probe each personality profile. In addition, one can opt for a multiplayer format within the framework of a team building (to reinforce the coherence between work colleagues). But this mode above all makes it possible to evaluate individual behavior in a collaborative context.

All this constitutes an unprecedented decision-making aid for HR, making it particularly interesting and innovative.

Learn more about IHMTEK

The company started in the virtual reality market in 2012. From its inception, the company was a pioneer, being the first to develop mobile applications using 3D content and to offer virtual tours. Besides, the company has also developed products using augmented reality and tailor-made applications from 2013.

To do this, it brings together teams of engineers, 3D graphic designers, and designers with the ambition of make each project unique.

If you want to discover the range of services and products that IHMTEK offers, you can follow the pages Facebook and LinkedIn of the company.

In a few years, IHMTEK has forged a certain reputation developing complex projects. From now on, she supports many companies in the implementation of their training and immersive communication strategies..

These include Orange, SNCF, CEA and CRAMIF.

With its experience in virtual reality and multiplayer games, IHMTEK is at the forefront in the construction of today’s metaverses. Those who wish to initiate or carry out projects using metaverse technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality can contact the studio here.

How IHMTEK sees the future

Winner of the Innovation and Tourism Trophies in Rhône-Alpes in 2012, and winner of the Imaginove Development Prize in 2015, IHMTEK’s principle is to favor quality. The company seeks continuous improvement to satisfy its customers.

And she does not intend to stop there. Its director, César Mendoza, declares that the company will continue its development in the field of VR and AR. To this end, it will develop projects adapted to all sectors, in order to offer tailor-made training, communication or awareness tools, using immersive technologies. The virtual reality development agency Ihmtek wishes to become one of the pillars of metaverse development.

Cesar Mendoza finally concludes: “my objective is to make real what our customers imagine by developing experiences in virtual reality or augmented reality, adapted to their needs”.

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Ihmtek reinvents recruitment with COLABVIUS

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