Internet users and users, Waze needs your help!

Waze uses its community to improve the pronunciation of certain streets. And everyone is invited to participate!

Since its launch in 2010, Waze has established itself as one of the essential applications for motorists. Acquired by Google in 2013, it offers many features, such as guidance, real-time traffic information and the reporting of speed cameras and other obstacles on the road. But that’s not all. Because it is also able to display the fuel price but also tolls, updated by users. Suffice to say that it is difficult to do without its services, especially since it has been completely free since its inception. A few months ago, a new function was also launched, allowing users to take advantage of instructions set out in three french accents, namely Ch’ti, Provencal and Toulouse. Something to please the inhabitants of these different regions, but also to all those who have had to leave them.

A new feature

But Waze wants to go a little further to make its service even more efficient for its users. This is why the application has just launched a new operation, aimed at improving the pronunciation of certain streets. Because it’s a vocal synthesis who is in charge of making the announcements, and then he sometimes gets it wrong from time to time. In order to overcome this problem, Waze has therefore allowed its community since November 28 and until December 12 to report pronunciation errors. To do this, simply go to the Waze Twitter account or Facebook and fill out the Google Doc provided for this purpose in just a few minutes. You will then only have to make the necessary corrections if necessary.

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A reworked version

Once complete, Waze will offer a updated versions in her French voice Vanessa, who stands out from the rest by listing the name of each street in the navigation. No date has yet been announced for the arrival of this new version on our smartphones. As a company spokesperson points out, the application has already ” more than 170 updates of its text-to-speech thanks to user feedback. And so it’s not over yet, while 3,600 volunteers also help improve maps and navigation to make it even easier.

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Internet users and users, Waze needs your help!

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