iPhone: how to activate the Concentration mode?

With iOS 15, Apple unveiled the Focus feature. Without isolating you 100% like Do Not Disturb, Focus helps reduce distractions from your iPhone. Today, the writing tells you how to activate this feature.

Last September, Apple launched a new version of its operating system: iOS 15. With it, iPhones benefit from many new features. First, there is Shareplay, a tool that allows you to listen to music via a FaceTime conversation, to watch a video with your loved ones, simultaneously. And even do a screen share during your video call. The Cupertino company has also developed its artificial intelligence capable of transcribing any text on one of your photos. The Messages application has also had its share of improvements. And then there’s a new kid on the block… Focus Mode. The purpose, as the name suggests, is to help maintain focus at work or during sport. With this feature, you are no longer disturbed by notifications, calls or messages, depending on your established settings.

How do I activate the Focus function?

To configure this feature, it’s very simple.

  • Go to your application Settings.
  • Press mode Concentration.
  • Once on the page, you will be able to Share between devices. This will sync all of your iOS devices with this feature.
  • Apple already offers several preset Focus modes, but you can also customize the functionality.
  • To do this, click at the top right of the page, on the + button
  • You will discover a list of activities proposed by Apple. Press on Personalize.
  • Rename the mode and associate it with a color as well as an icon, and click on Following.
  • A page Persons authorized for notifications will be displayed. By clicking on the button + in the framework of Authorized persons, you can add one by one the contacts who will have the right to interrupt you. The framework Other peopleallows you to go faster by authorizing batch contacts: Everyone, Nobody, Favorites, All Contacts, or Groups (which you will have predefined in contacts).

You should know that Nobody will only pass incoming calls from parties selected in Authorized Persons. Press on To allow to validate or Don’t allow any.

Management of applications and incoming calls

  • Via Apps allowed for notifications you will be able to configure notifications.
  • The first frame Authorized Apps allows you to select the applications that can send you notifications.
  • In Other apps you will be able to activate the Urgent mode. In this case, only notifications marked urgent will be displayed.

Focus mode customization

When you are on the Focus feature home page, you will see a list: Do not disturb, Rest, Time for yourself, Work. When you click on one of these modes, you will be able to access the Notifications allowed. The latter allows you to select which contacts or applications can interrupt you in this mode.

With Options mode, you will be able to share your status with your contacts once you tap on Focus Status. From then on, the person who will try to contact you will receive the following message: Notifications from “XXX” are hidden”.

Source : Frandroid

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iPhone: how to activate the Concentration mode?

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