LE CREUSOT: The “Nin – Nin” launch the 1st social, family and private network, around children, with an ingenious application

You had to think about it. The “nin nin” of Creusot have done it: With the launch of an application not really like the others. It combines, in fact, all the advantages of WhatsApp and Instagram. A real gem that parents will love. But not only because it is likely to appeal to all groups of enthusiasts…

1651370918 760 LE CREUSOT The Nin – Nin launch the 1st socialWhen you use a WhatsApp loop, sometimes you wish you had the benefits of Instagram as well. And vice versa. You dreamed of it… The “nin nin” of Le Creusot did it.
They just launched their mobile app. But not yet another app like the internet and telephone universe regularly hosts. Not an application where you are the conductor. Because it is you who decides and no one else.
“In fact the idea was to create a liaison book, for example, between parents and their nanny, or even for separated parents”, explains Nicolas Courrège.

And this is how “the first social, family and private network was imagined. And it is clearly the marriage of Instagram and WhatsApp”. A quick navigation demonstrates this and this is what immediately seduces the user.
100% free, 100% secure, 100% “made in France”, since developed by three companies, for an investment of 100,000 euros, the application allows its administrator, i.e. you yourself, to create an album, called FEED. “The idea is, for example, to have one per child”. But above all it is you who decide who to access, comment, add photos. A completely private and therefore secure shared album.
“In fact, we choose the FEED we want and issue access rights. You can share photos, videos. You can even add the child’s health record. And for example report an allergy,” confides Nicolas Courrège.
The only paid and not mandatory thing is the ability to create workbooks. Four are free and four are chargeable… At the astronomical price – we’re kidding – of 0.99 euros for 4.
The user can also scan a nin-nin, the nin-nin of his child.
In the future, the young company intends to place advertisements and thus make its application profitable. And if it is aimed primarily at parents, for their children, it can also concern all possible and imaginable groups… For example cooking, baking, cars, tomatoes… Everything, absolutely everything, is possible. A group of fans of metal, planes, the Morvan, the monuments of Saône-et-Loire. You just have to open the door to your imagination. And it is obviously very practical.


To know more

Nin-Nin Mobile App
The first family and private Social Network around the child
100% Free 100% Secure 100% French
With the Nin-Nin mobile application, create a FEED (a private album) for your child and invite everyone around him.
Invite grandparents, uncle, aunt, nanny and close friends and give them rights.

1. The right to comment or not on photos and videos
Imagine beautiful mum making comments all the time… We can already see you smiling but thanks to this right (or not), she will no longer be able to give her point of view which irritates you so much. Beautiful mom, we love her but she can keep her comments to herself, it’s so much cooler!

2. The right to share photos or videos on your child’s FEED themselves.
Imagine your child at the nanny and you at work… The nanny, if she has the rights, will be able to post photos and videos on your child’s FEED. Great for hearing from your child even when you’re not with them!

3. The right to access the E-PORTRAIT of the child. The E-PORTRAIT is a notebook that brings together all of your child’s vital information.
Imagine that you are going for a romantic weekend and that you leave your child with the grandparents…. The grandparents will have access to all his vital data (blood group, allergies, vaccines, diseases, etc… ). Much more reassuring in the event of a glitch!

FEED: Record and secure the highlights of your children’s lives in photos and videos and share them only with the people you love.
E-PORTRAIT: Gather and secure all your child’s personal information in one place (Food, medication, diseases, vaccines, routine…) and give access to it to the people who will take care of him (Grandparents , relatives, nanny, crèche…)

Invite your loved ones, the nanny, the babysitter or even the crèche to access your child’s FEED.
Give them personalized access rights to comment, share moments of your child when they have custody, access the E-Portrait, or even have access to all these features.

If you have a Nin-Nin in your possession, you can now scan it. Without chip, without QRcode, your Nin-Nin, once automatically detected thanks to artificial intelligence, will become “alive” through your mobile phone.

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LE CREUSOT: The “Nin – Nin” launch the 1st social, family and private network, around children, with an ingenious application

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