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At a time when we are overwhelmed by a continuous flow of information, it is difficult, even IMPOSSIBLE, to remember everything that we would never want to forget.

And yet… memories are what we have most precious, they are our past, our present and help us build our future! The Memorizer application was designed to simplify access to our memories by centralizing them in an intelligent tool that organizes and enriches them thanks to artificial intelligence and a real community of nearly 50,000 users.

A survey conducted by Memorizer on a panel of 1200 people reveals that:

? 71% take photos to remember things they don’t want to forget;

? 70% find that these photos end up lost in their phone’s gallery;

? +60% would like to have an app that would allow them to remember everything they have done or would like to do in their social and cultural life.

? Memorizer is the application that allows us to restore order, in a very intuitive way, to our memories: no more draft notes apps, no more screenshots lost in the middle of family photos!

Movies to see, books to read, restaurants to try… Memorizer helps to create “memories” to help remember precious moments, but also to organize your to-do in a simple and visual way.

You want to make a memory more alive by embellishing it with a photo (to illustrate a book, a film or a restaurant to memorize for example): the artificial intelligence at the heart of the application allows you to simply type the title see offer valuable images and additional information.

? Memorizer’s ambition is to develop the next nugget in the App Stores: a daily application comparable to an extension of one’s memory to regain control over one’s memories and gain serenity in one’s daily life.

Who is the app for?

To anyone who wants to keep control over their memory:

– Seniors whose memories unfortunately fade over time,

– Active people looking for a productivity tool for their professional AND personal use,

– To the less active who, like everyone else, are confronted every day with the limits of their memory…

Note that to date 80% of users are… women!

Memorizer’s missions:

? Preparing for the future: whether it’s ideas heard on the radio, advice from friends about a movie to watch, a restaurant to try or a place to visit… Memorizer allows us to create all visual, enriched and social to-do lists so as not to forget these great moments that we had promised ourselves to spend!

? Store your memories: thanks to its artificial intelligence, Memorizer offers everyone the possibility of easily storing, deleting, arranging, and enriching their photos to make them real memories. This simple act is part of a process of personal and more global well-being.

? Improving memory and culture: Memorizer is not a new digital tool that invites us to do less. Memorizer provides landmarks and content for everyone to develop their memory and culture.

? Protect your personal data: Memorizer wants to become the safe of your memory. The application does not commercially exploit user data and everyone is free to choose whether they want to share their memories with their friends or keep them private for their personal use.

About Memorizer

After having evolved and learned from great startups (Stootie and Blablacar), Charles Baron and Thomas Sales launched their own project in January 2020, born of a simple observation: memory is the most precious thing, but it is impossible to retain everything we would like on a daily basis. After 18 months of R&D and a fundraising of 1 million euros even before its release, Memorizer is the first French application dedicated to memories. By dealing with a subject very little exploited from a tool point of view, the startup intends to simplify access to the information that we wish to retain and which could be drowned at any time in the flow of data that waters our daily lives. Due to its unique and very concerning positioning, Memorizer very quickly attracted the attention of renowned investors and became Station F TOP 30 2020. In 2022, the application was selected by Apple for its Foundations program and experienced a first success of adoption in France.

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Memorizer, the super-app to remember everything » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

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