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“What if you could continue to move while respecting the planet?”, that is the question posed by Moovance. This new application aims to help you make the right choices when traveling to limit your carbon footprint as much as possible. We obviously think of opting for walking or cycling, but Moovance takes everything into account, including eco-driving, public transport, etc.

Its creator, Anas Mbasso, is a specialist in data management and artificial intelligence. “Head of DATA & AI Delivery” at for four years, he then created his own IT services and consulting company and has just launched Moovance on April 22, for Earth Day. This application, available free of charge on iOS (Apple) and Android (Google), uses artificial intelligence to optimize journeys. Optimization in terms of carbon footprint, but not only.

An application to transform your mobility habits

Becoming aware of your level of pollution according to your travel choices, without falling into the moralizing side, this is the objective of Moovance. When you launch the app, the first step is to estimate your daily carbon footprint. To do this, you must provide information on the means of transport used most often. A first figure is displayed, very estimated. Then, the app proposes to set a target for reducing its footprint.

By default, Moovance advises not to set the bar too high and start with 10% off. After registration, all that remains is to use the app, which will automatically detect your movements and identify a priori with which mode of transport you have traveled (currently car, bicycle or train and soon bus, metro/RER, tramway, walking, TGV, plane) will soon be included. This automatic detection system provides an overview of daily movements. And therefore to take stock of its level of pollution linked to travel. Always useful for awareness and changing habits.

Moovance integrates a reward system for low-carbon journeys

Each low carbon footprint trip entitles you to “Mooves”, a kind of virtual currency that can then be used to make a donation for the planet or that can be exchanged with advantages, such as discounts on electric scooter trips. rental, a discount on bicycle insurance or free minutes on the rental of an electric scooter. Many updates are planned, including the addition of a “social” layer with the possibility of encouraging loved ones. Motivating yourself together is always more fun.

Download the app (iOS and Android)

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Moovance, the app to reduce the carbon footprint of your journeys – WE DEMAIN

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