News from Thot Cursus (November 2022)

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Here are the suggestions for the month of November: scripting your course with the pedagogy of debate-eloquence, the role of the school in student inequality, more than 20 public applications of artificial intelligence.

Scripting your course with the pedagogy of debate-eloquence
Develop public speaking skills AND critical thinking

Whether it is the objective-based approach, the competency-based approach or any other pedagogical approach, the goal remains the same: to better transmit knowledge and facilitate learning. In a context of revival of public speaking, if we stick to public speaking societies or emerging eloquence competitions, I had to present two conferences on pedagogy through debate- eloquence and to conduct training for teachers in order to apply this approach.

These activities allowed me to deduce that the approach based on debate-eloquence can be summarized in five main points.

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The role of the school in student inequality
Systems that unravel everyone’s chances

We have this vision of education as a marathon where everyone starts from the same line to cross the finish line. A “competition” where everyone must arrive safely. An analogy that does not quite make sense in reality because some students start with a lead while others find themselves well behind the peloton. True, but they all eventually reach the end and isn’t that the most important thing? This is unfortunately not true and, above all, the treatment of school children differs according to the “winners” and “losers” of this didactic marathon.

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Artificial intelligence in frenzy
More than 20 public applications

The arrival of artificial intelligence does not easily compare with earlier technical breakthroughs because, unlike inventions such as the computer, the internal combustion engine, the microscope or the printing press, it does nothing in particular itself if not to increase the range of virtually all previous technical breakthroughs.

Here are some recent applications of AI, to make us dream or worry.

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News from Thot Cursus (November 2022)

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