Nigerian Chuks Ekwueme presented the first humanoid robot made in Africa

(Ecofin Agency) – He is a prolific entrepreneur at the head of several start-ups in Nigeria. Responsible for the development project of the very first humanoid robot made in Africa, he stands out as one of the greatest innovators on the continent.

Chuks Ekwueme (pictured) is a Nigerian businessman and the chairman of the Uniccon Group of Companies which he founded in 2020. He has an ambition to help African businesses realize their full potential through access to the most innovative and impactful technologies.

Uniccon Group, an umbrella of subsidiaries, specializes in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), software development, e-commerce, agricultural commodity value chain supply and export logistics . The company is also expert in jewelry and international business consultancy and advisory.

In October 2022, during GITEX which took place from the 10th to the 14th in Dubai, Chuks Ekwueme revealed the humanoid robot developed by his company, a first in Africa. Called Omeife, he is able to communicate in several languages ​​including Igbo, French, English, Arabic and Afrikaans. ” We created the 1er African humanoid robot from history. It will even have black pigmentation! It was entirely designed in Nigeria in the Stem Focus laboratory. We finished it 2 days before the opening of GITEX“.

STEM Focus is a subsidiary of Uniccon Group. It is a center for research, development and deployment of STEM, artificial intelligence and next-generation robotics. Apart from this laboratory, informedWe Are Tech AfricaUniccon Group also integrates Chuksprime which provides healthy and certified organic agricultural products.

Chucks Ekwueme has developed several other solutions like SmartMedicare, SmartWorks, SmartFree, Payfocuss and CloudFocus. In April 2022, he launched an application to fight against cybercrimes. The system called Lossless Security and which cost 40 million USD, provides protection, security, fraud detection, backup, recovery effort, porosity alert, restoration of resources and productivity lost in due to downtime, efficient web and app user experience, and consistent patching.

Director since 2009 of Coevis World, a company specializing in the distribution and sale of gypsum-based building materials in Nigeria, Chucks also worked from 2014 to 2016 as technical director and consultant of Divine Reward Services, a company that provides products construction chemicals and structural waterproofing technologies. In October 2022, it won the award for excellence in technology and community development at the Peace Achievers International Award.

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Nigerian Chuks Ekwueme presented the first humanoid robot made in Africa

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