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According to Gartner, by 2025, 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platformsup from 30% in 2021. This rapid growth has made it essential for organizations to have an easy way to protect their cloud workloads against today’s targeted and sophisticated attacks, and then scale the protection as they go. threats continue to grow.

Palo Alto Networks Unveils Next-Generation Cloud Firewall for AWS that combines the security of Palo Alto Networks with the simplicity and scalability of AWS. It thus gives companies the means to accelerate their pace of innovation while continuing to benefit from maximum protection.

Exclusively available for AWS, the next-generation cloud firewall puts, in just a few clicks, recognized security features of Palo Alto Networks Serving Enterprise Cloud Deployments. Recognizing that customers prefer to spend their time and resources developing applications and running their businesses rather than managing network security infrastructure in the cloud, this next-generation cloud firewall for AWS transfers operational responsibilities, including deployment, maintenance, availability, and scalability, to Palo Alto Networks.

The first next-generation firewall to integrate with AWS Firewall Manager, the Palo Alto Networks Cloud Firewall combines the quality of protection/security that Palo Alto Networks has built its reputation on with the unparalleled simplicity that enterprises seek.

Best-in-class security devices:

  • Advanced URL Filtering: this function uses the deep learning to put a stop to previously unknown web threats (zero-day) in real time, while allowing applications to connect securely to legitimate web services.
  • Threat Prevention: helps block vulnerabilities, malware, and command-and-control channels.
  • Application authentication: limits the risk of attacks by controlling traffic based on a patented level 7 classification.

“Cloud-native” ease of use:

  • Ease of deployment : This next-generation cloud firewall service can be purchased from the AWS Marketplace, then installed and integrated in the blink of an eye with AWS services, further strengthening network security very quickly with just a few clicks.
  • Lack of infrastructure to manage : Since it is a fully managed cloud service, companies no longer have to worry about deploying, updating or managing any infrastructure. Next-Generation Cloud Firewall for AWS leverages the power of the AWS Gateway Load Balancer to deliver high availability and elasticity for on-demand scaling to meet unexpected throughput demands.
  • The native AWS experience : Integrated with AWS Firewall Manager, Next-Generation Cloud Firewall for AWS lends itself to even easier and more consistent management of firewall rules across multiple AWS accounts and virtual private clouds.
  • Automation: Support for API, CloudFormation, and Terraform templates lends itself to end-to-end workflow automation.

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Palo Alto Networks Launches Managed Next-Generation Firewall Service – Globb Security

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