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Thursday, August 25, 2022 at 9:35 PM

Rabat – A new issue of the scientific magazine “L’Espace Marocain” of the Royal Air Forces (FRA) has just been published, offering readers many themes including the celebration last May of the 66th anniversary of the creation of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) .

In its 103rd issue, the quarterly publication reviews the Agenda sent by HM King Mohammed VI, Supreme Chief and Chief of the General Staff of the FAR, to the Royal Armed Forces on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of their creation. .

In an editorial entitled “Thinking the future”, the publication underlines that the tenor of the royal text is highly relevant and very insightful and it is clearly in line with the Royal High vision, consisting in giving all importance to the human element. of the FAR and the achievement of its prosperity and development.

The editorialist is also interested in this issue’s dossier, namely artificial intelligence and its applications, “a subject perfectly in tune with the times”, noting that “artificial intelligence technologies are invading today, gently in fields as varied as industry, finance, transport, health, justice, the environment, cinema, etc.

The editorialist stresses, however, that the use of artificial intelligence has its share of weakness, despite its strengths and benefits.

In the dossier of this issue, the publication addresses several points including: “artificial intelligence, a vast field structured into key sub-fields”, “applications of artificial intelligence”, “use of artificial intelligence in the field of operational” and “computer vision, a concrete example of the application of AI in the field of defence”.

The magazine also echoes the message of fidelity and loyalty addressed to HM the King by the FAR family on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the creation of the FAR and returns to the commemoration ceremony of this anniversary, organized in the first base of the FRA, like the places d’armes, garrisons and units of the FAR.

This issue also focuses on the Sovereign’s launch of construction work on the new “Ibn Sina” hospital in Rabat, a futuristic project which will strengthen the Kingdom’s healthcare offer with a capacity of more than 1,000 beds.

In the “News” section, this issue focuses on the national exercise of search and rescue at sea “SAREX Detroit 2022”, organized from May 25 to 27 in Tangier with the participation of the member countries of the 5+ initiative. 5 defence, in addition to the United Arab Emirates, within the framework of exchanging experiences and expertise, with a view to strengthening capacities in terms of maritime safety and security.

The “Zoom” section examines the aerial activities of the “African Lion 22” exercise, co-organized from June 20 to 30 by the FAR and the American armed forces.

“The indicators are all positive in terms of coordination between the FRA and the American air forces. This coordination, which has been going on for 18 years thanks to the African Lion Exercise, continues to grow and improve”, indicates the review.

As for the “Reportage” section, it focuses on the FRA General Support Air Base as a benchmark industrial and logistics centre.

“Today, adjoining the civil aircraft maintenance units of Benslimane airport, this industrial unit has all the assets allowing it to materialize the vision of the command to set it up as an industrial pole, thus giving the FRAs a certain autonomy and freedom of action”, it was explained.

In addition to the aforementioned themes, the review also offers in this issue a “Focus” on military service and the reception of conscripts for the year 2022, in addition to a range of subjects, including “Psychological selection for recruitment, act well so as not to make the wrong choice”.

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Publication of a new issue of the scientific magazine “Moroccan Space” of the Royal Air Force | MAP Express

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