Renault Group and Atos join forces to accelerate Industry 4.0

Renault Group and Atos are launching an industrial data collection solution called ID@scale (Industrial Data @ Scale) to support companies in the industrial sector in their digital transformation and transition to Industry 4.0. This solution makes it possible to collect and structure data from industrial equipment on a large scale in order to optimize their operational performance and, ultimately, product quality. Developed by the car manufacturer and already deployed in its factories, ID@scale is now industrialized, modularized and marketed by the digital leader.

Companies generate an incredible amount of data during the production process; data that is often underused due to their heterogeneity, lack of standardization and lack of operational time. Thanks to this solution, data from a wide variety of industrial equipment (diversity of suppliers, generations, firmware versions, global location, etc.) are standardized as soon as they are collected, then contextualized and made available in the cloud. They then make it possible to correct and improve production processes immediately, as well as product quality. The ease of access to this structured data thanks to dashboards and analysis tools facilitates and accelerates the creation and deployment of all kinds of industrial use cases (production, maintenance, quality, energies, etc.), including the zero-emission strategy. With ID@scale companies can considerably reduce their energy consumption by analyzing and optimizing, for example, the energy consumed in manufacturing workshops.

As part of Renault Group’s digital transformation strategy, the engineering, digital and IT teams have developed this unique solution to capture data from its industrial facilities. For each type of manufacturing process, data is collected and structured in a standardized way, allowing for a wide variety of applications (manufacturing, engineering, quality, CSR, logistics, etc.). Today, this solution is deployed on a large scale in 22 Renault Group factories, with more than 7,500 pieces of equipment connected with standardized data models for around fifty different manufacturing processes (from screwing to injection of aluminum, through the welding of bodies and frames, machining, stamping as well as the very new manufacturing processes for electric motors and batteries). Renault Group is already saving 80 million euros per year and aims to deploy this solution in its 35 factories, i.e. 22,000 pieces of equipment by 2023 and generate savings of 200 million euros per year.

As a leader in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, Atos is strengthening and industrializing Renault’s solution thanks to its portfolio of technologies, services and consulting expertise. The ID@scale solution benefits from Atos’ Edge to Cloud offer, allowing real-time analysis of large volumes of complex industrial data while securing them from the Edge to Cloud platforms, as well as optimizing inference the most complex artificial intelligence models thanks to its range of BullSequana Edge servers. The solution, which will continue to evolve, is suitable for all types of environment, regardless of the industrial sector and deploying the solution “as a service” anywhere in the world. Finally, this collaboration relies on the Group’s Consulting and Service teams to market, deploy and support the “as a service” solution worldwide, with rapid and agile deployment of new data models in a few weeks.

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Renault Group and Atos join forces to accelerate Industry 4.0

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