Saagie and LITIS announce the creation of a joint laboratory dedicated to AI

At the end of February, Saagie and Le LITIS announced the creation of L-LiSa, a joint laboratory dedicated to artificial intelligence. Fourteen employees work in this labcom, co-directed by Romain Picot Clemente (Saagie R&D Manager) and Clément Chatelain (Lecturer at INSA Rouen and researcher at LITIS), set up in January 2021. Saagie engineers and researchers of LITIS bring their expertise to solve certain problems around health or air quality control.

Launched in 2013 in Rouen by Arnaud Muller, Saagie is a software publisher that accelerates the production of data projects. Its DataOps platform makes it possible to manage the entire data lifecycle.

Arnaud Muller explains:

“DataOps is neither more nor less than a means of bringing together two worlds that do not always go hand in hand: innovation and control, Data Lab and information system. I created Saagie to meet a real need within companies – that of streamlining the management between different technological platforms within the framework of a data project – in order to gain in productivity and serenity. »

As an extension of DevOps and DataOps and with the same objectives of collaboration and agility, Saagie now offers MLOps tools, providing methods specifically adapted to the model of machine learning.

In 2018, the company announced the creation of a laboratory where it volunteered its expertise and skills in Big Data and artificial intelligence. According to Arnaud Muller, the founder, “ public/private cooperation and research, the ability of stakeholders to analyze and make the most of their data are the best ways to make AI the cornerstone of innovation for the common good.”

This laboratory had received various supports including that of the LITIS (Computer Science, Information Processing and Systems Laboratory). This information science and technology research unit attached to the University of Rouen Normandy (URN), the University of Le Havre Normandy (ULHN) and the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rouen Normandy (INSARN), provides recognized expertise in deep learning for the analysis of sequences, images or in signal processing in the broad sense. The LITIS has many projects in various fields of application: analysis and recognition of document images, health, smart car, etc.

To carry out these, the laboratory needs effective tools and methods to rapidly deploy its methodological developments to industrial or institutional partners.

The Labcommun L-LiSa

The Saagie company and the LITIS have decided to unite their efforts and combine their skills to try to provide answers to certain problems encountered in the implementation of deep learning and in particular weakly supervised learning, the robustness of the models and the multimodal aspect of the data.

The project, coordinated by Clément Chatelain, funded by the ANR to the tune of 350,000 euros, will be structured around methodological developments broken down into two applications:

  • The first will be dedicated to medical data (patient data for the treatment of lymphomas, MRI image recognition, image segmentation to detect lymphomas) in collaboration with the Henri Becquerel cancer center,
  • The second concerns the processing of user data of the Saagie product. The expertise thus acquired by Saagie should make it possible to address several industrial issues on behalf of future customers.

Jérôme Trédan, CEO of Saagie, says:

“We have been working with Litis for some time and the idea of ​​creating a structure that formalizes this collaboration was a crucial step for us. By launching the LabCom L-LiSa with the Litis, Saagie aims to design algorithms to improve the user experience. Even if the applications and socio-economic sectors affected by these techniques are numerous, Saagie’s ambition is not to invest in them all. We favor uses carried by subjects of common good such as the fight against pollution or the detection of pathologies. »

Clément Chatelain declares for his part:

“We are delighted with this collaboration with Saagie. With this project, our ambition is to set up a strategy between industrialists and academics aimed at producing economic value and innovation. »

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Saagie and LITIS announce the creation of a joint laboratory dedicated to AI

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