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The building sector is not immune to the upheavals caused by the Internet of Things. The notion of smart building is gradually revolutionizing construction. In Lille, the start-up Smart Building Energie (SBE), a subsidiary of the Vinci group, is riding the wave and has developed a web application, called Wave Platform, which allows you to control your building in a few clicks thanks to new technologies installed in her bosom, while reducing her energy bill.

“Here, we consume a quarter of what the building opposite, which is not equipped with Wave Platform, consumes,” introduces Kim Lou Tosi, marketing and development manager at Smart Building Energie. Concretely, the platform acts on three aspects of the building: comfort, safety and services. With Wave Platform, it is for example possible to manage the intensity of the light, the ambient temperature as well as the height of the blinds of a room. But also to activate the building alarm, open a door or connect to the video surveillance system. Finally, users can reserve a meeting room, a car or a parking space.

An application at the service of the environment

In addition to controlling heating or lights, it offers the possibility of managing the occupation of rooms or parking spaces. (© SBE)

Some of these actions are orchestrated by the user of the web application, who is warned in real time of his energy consumption through graphs. “An example: when an employee will increase the temperature of the room by 2 degrees, on the graph the curve will show him what he consumes more, he is then made aware and will pay more attention to his consumption”, adds Kim Lou Tosi. But other actions are driven directly by artificial intelligence.

“As you can see, in all rooms of the building there are sensors. Motion detectors, temperature sensors. The building is designed to collect data from the devices to analyze it and act accordingly. If no one has been in the room for 10 minutes, for example, the building will decide to turn off the lights to save energy. says the marketing and development manager. And the results obtained by the start-up are promising. “For example, in one year, in a building of 2,000 m2 where there are 65 occupants on average, energy consumption has been reduced by 32% thanks to our application and its technology.”

The strength of a real estate leader

Equipped as it should be, the SBE headquarters serves as a showroom for future customers. Already several buildings across France are hosting this technology, tested for the first time in 2019. “We focused on the tertiary sector because these are the buildings that consume the most, but, in the future, we will not hesitate to offer our solution to other sectors. We can dream of Wave Platform in football stadiums, in hospitals, in colleges…”, continues Kim Lou Tosi. This should help Vinci, the parent company of SBE, to conquer markets.

For Aletheia Press, Lolita Péron

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Smart Building Energie, the start-up that makes buildings smart | The Gazette Nord-Pas de Calais

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