Spain: Hewlett Packard announces the creation of a center dedicated to the development of technologies and software solutions in Valencia

Hewlett Packard Spain announced in early March the opening of a new center in Valencia, dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and software solutions that should ” revolutionize strategic industrial sectors » depending on the company. The latter does not specify the number of employees who will be integrated into it, but they will be asked to have knowledge in the development of cloud applications and artificial intelligence.


In 1934, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard met at Stanford University where they became friends. In 1938, they rented a small garage in Pablo Alto, California and began working there before setting up their company there the following year, in fact, the first start-up in Silicon Valley. Moreover, since 2007, the famous garage has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The two friends have very few means and therefore tools to work with, they will nevertheless develop an oscillator which will interest the Disney studios for their film Fantasia and the company will not stop innovating to then create computers, scientific calculators, printers, peripherals and continue to improve them.

Having become an international company, HP will be divided into two separate entities in 2015: HP Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) servers, software, business services).

HPE, an edge-to-cloud company, offers open, intelligent technology solutions delivered as a service spanning compute, storage, software, intelligent edge, high-performance computing, and mission-critical solutions to help customers develop new new business models, embark on new paths and increase operational performance while HP Inc is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of computers and printing equipment.

The Center of Valencia

The pandemic has underscored the importance of innovation and technology that have enabled society and businesses to quickly adapt to a new digital reality and develop new business models that have fostered economic recovery. This new center dedicated to the development of technologies and software solutions will integrate profiles related to information technologies with knowledge in the development of cloud applications, artificial intelligence and software quality. Employees will work in a flexible, multicultural and international environment, with HP’s clear commitment to integrating diverse and inclusive talent into the organization. They will complete the team of 3,000 employees that the company has in Spain. Daniel Martínez, general manager of HP’s large format printing business, says:

“We are delighted with the opening of this center which reinforces our commitment to innovation and which will allow us to develop revolutionary solutions for our customers. We want Valencia to become a software center of excellence for HP that combines innovation, creativity and talent. We will develop a value proposition for strategic industrial sectors and we will have high-level professionals who will promote the digital transition beyond our borders. »

In its desire to recruit the best talents and to continue promoting commitment to studies in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the company has created a chair with the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

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Spain: Hewlett Packard announces the creation of a center dedicated to the development of technologies and software solutions in Valencia

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