The 6 Best Football Stats and Sports Betting Apps

Among the most important elements, statistics have not escaped this evolution, and it is increasingly necessary to use them both to understand and analyze what is happening on the ground and to predict the results of each match.

Therefore, many software and applications have been developed and designed to make the most of football statistics, and thus, help people to predict the results, get different forecasts and even increase their chances of winning in their bets.

Considering that this is a year where football is very present (the World Cup in Qatar is very close), here are the 6 best applications for football statistics and betting in 2002:

1. Overlyzer

This is one of the most well-known and comprehensive football stats and trends apps on the market today. It stands out for offering infinite options to its users, designed and thought out in order to obtain the most precise and important data that will allow them to make a more complete analysis and thus better predict the results of each match.

Another advantage of this application is its mobile version, its use being very simple and intuitive, it allows its users to access more easily and quickly statistics, data and forecasts, to bet or to know the results of any what professional football league in the world.

Among the different features that Overlyzer offers its users, these are the ones that stand out:

▪ Live metrics and statistics

Overlyzer offers live metrics for each game, which allows the user to have a much clearer idea of ​​which team is more likely to score a goal or win the game. Likewise, this feature keeps you updated with the live results of all matches.

▪ Artificial intelligence on over/under bets
This option is one of the most used and popular of Overlyzer, since it is an algorithm developed and designed to analyze all the metrics and information of each of the teams that are going to face each other, and then, show their odds of winning. This allows users who make football bets to reduce the risks in this type of games, and therefore to increase the possible winning rate.

▪ Filters with dynamic functions
It is a series of customizable filters allowing the user to adapt them to their behavior or preferences when betting live.

▪ Predefined filters
If you are one of those people who like to watch multiple matches live, these filters are perfect for you, as they will allow you to watch the matches you want with just one click.

▪ Tutorials
Overlyzer offers many tutorials to its users, especially on his YouTube channelwhich serve as a guide to be able to get the most out of the application, as well as to implement the most effective strategies when it comes to making football predictions


Betensured is one of the alternatives available on the Internet to get important metrics and information about the football matches you are following, which makes it ideal for pre- and post-match analysis of each match.

Likewise, this application has a predictions section for those who bet on football and other sports. Therefore, more than a statistics application, this platform works as a kind of guide on how to make sports bets, and in particular football bets.


This platform is a football betting tool, its main objective being to help people know which teams have the best chance of winning a specific match, qualifying or being champions, among other types of predictions.

WinDrawWin distinguishes itself by offering its users betting tips, which are based on the statistics and data of each match and the teams that compete, in different leagues around the world.

4. PredictZ

PredictZ is a web platform dedicated to offering information related to the most important football leagues in Europe, where you can find analysis, predictions, betting tips, data and statistics on all teams and all matches of these championships.

One of the outstanding features of PredictZ is that most of its analysis, tips and predictions are free, which has earned it great popularity among betting enthusiasts.


This platform is one of the few that offers predictions for football matches in virtually all professional leagues on the planet. For this, it has a very large database, where statistics of all kinds are stored, which are analyzed by a computer system.

Thanks to these analyses, ForeBet shows, in addition to predictions, comparisons between teams before matches and advice on practically all the professional football leagues in the world, which has earned it a place among the most well-known platforms in its market. gender.

6. Mighty Tips

Mighty Tips is a website dedicated to sports bookmaker reviews, odds comparisons, tips and predictions for sporting events, including football matches.

Mighty Tips football predictions are based more on general information about specific matches, rather than match data and statistics. However, they have a panel of experts in this type of betting to offer advice and give predictions.

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The 6 Best Football Stats and Sports Betting Apps

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