The 7 most curious Android applications

Discover the 7 most curious Android apps in the Play Store.

The Google Play Store has a very large catalog of applications of all kinds, free and paid, some of which are little known despite their usefulness.

But the usefulness of an application lies in the use you want to give it and which for you can be an indispensable tool, for another person it can be totally useless.

Android Apps

Apps on an Android mobile

For this reason, on this occasion, we have selected for you the 7 most curious Android applications, which we will detail below.

These are the 8 most curious Android apps

  • Wombo: Make your selfies sing
  • Run Pee.
  • phone search
  • SnoreClock – Do you snore?
  • Find the parked car
  • Metal detector
  • Fake call – prank

Wombo: Make your selfies sing

Wombo is a free application that uses Artificial Intelligence to allow you to create videos in which you go out singing your favorite song, because it synchronizes the movement of your lips with the rhythm of the chosen song.

Its operation is really simple, because you just have to add a selfie to the application and let it do its magic to create very funny videos, which you can then share with your friends or upload to your social networks.

Google Play Store | Wombo: Make your selfies sing

Run Pee.

Run Pee.

The second application in this list is RunPee, a free application that provides you with all the necessary information about the movie you are watching in the cinema when you have to stop watching it to go to the bathroom.

This app shows you a synopsis of the part of the movie you miss called Peetime and has a timer that alerts you with a discreet vibration when a Peetime is coming so you can go to the bathroom without missing anything from the movie.

Google Play Store | Run Pee.

phone search

phone search

phone search

This application will save you the time you spend looking for your mobile at home when you don’t know where it is, since with it you can find it with a simple click.

With this app, whenever you tap your Android smartphone, it will vibrate, flashlight on, or make an annoying sound depending on how you have configured the app.

The Applaud phone search engine is a completely free application with advertisements that you can download from the link to Google Play that we leave below.

Google Play Store | phone search

SnoreClock – Do you snore?


Another of the most curious apps in the Play Store is SnoreClock, a free app with which you can control if you snore or if your partner does (although they always say no), if you talk while you sleep or there is something that usually interrupts your sleep.

The operation of this application is very simple: just place the mobile next to the bed and press the red SnoreClock button and the next morning you will see all the information about your snoring and the quality of your sleep in general.

Google Play Store | SnoreClock – Do you snore?

Find the parked car

Find the parked car

Find the parked car

Surely you have forgotten more than once where you parked your car, but now, thanks to this curious application, you will find it with just a few clicks using a web browser.

This app uses GPS and mobile networks to remember your car’s location and uses your smartphone’s navigator to guide you to where you parked your vehicle.

Google Play Store | Find the parked car

Metal detector

Metal detector

This unique application measures the magnetic field of objects using the geomagnetic sensor of your Android mobile so that you can detect electrical cables in the walls or iron pipes in the ground.

If you are planning to search for gold items to sell then I am sorry to tell you that this app does not detect gold, silver or copper as these materials do not have a magnetic field.

Google Play Store | Metal detector

Fake call – prank

Fake call - prank

As the name suggests, this app allows you to make a fake call to prank a friend and it is completely customizable, as it allows you to choose the name of the caller, the number of said person or the picture of the same.

Moreover, with this app, you can also set a specific ringtone and record a voice for the caller, so that the prank is really believable.

Google Play Store | Fake call – prank

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The 7 most curious Android applications

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