TheClubDeal invests in Flyx and its order digitization solution

Digitization of points of sale and digitization of orders are on the rise in the horeca and retail sectors. Flyx and its solution for major retailers is accelerating with a fundraising of 2 million euros led by TheClubDeal.

When you order from a kiosk at Quick, O’Tacos or Burger King, it’s a Belgian company that makes sure everything goes like clockwork. Behind this software, we find Flyx, a company that is not very young. The three friends John Van Lierde, Martin Polet and Renaud Laloire who are still at the helm today, decided to found the company when they were in a restaurant 10 years ago. Water has flowed under the bridge in a decade – an eternity in the technology sector – but the goal of providing a digital order management and loyalty solution for the hospitality and retail sector has remained intact. Initially, the company developed mobile applications – and still does – but today they are betting everything on their Flyx solution, which was only a product when it was launched in 2017 and becomes the heart of the company which even changes its name to align its business strategy and its communication.

Flyx caters to restaurant chains and stores with an offer ranging from loyalty program, to the mobile ordering system via the ordering terminal. This is for what is seen. Behind, a whole machine turns to connect the cash register and make each order a mine of information. “The objective for retailers is to digitize the point of sale in one way or another. The covid period has accelerated this digitization. We have identified that with regard to the ‘food service’ and the pump sector In essence, there is a huge need for digitalization. Their customers are evolving and they must do so with them”, explains John Van Lierde, CEO and co-founder of the company.

“There is a huge need for digitalization. Their customers are changing and they have to do it with them.”

John Van Lierde

Flyx CEO

The solution convinced local customers like Panos or Bavet but also already beyond our borders with Burger King in the Netherlands and Italy, and Quick in Belgium and France. Big names in fast food, typical Flyx customers. “The more points of sale there are, the more relevant our solution is.” To accelerate its development and seize the opportunities of a market in search of digital solutions, Flyx raises 2 million euros including 1.5 directly from TheClubDeal. “This type of investment is in line with our values ​​and our strategy. This is a first opening of structuring capital to finance an expansion into the product and international markets. We want to be hand in hand with them to help them on the implementation of their strategy. We worked with them on their plans, the presentation and on the capital increase itself to find co-investors to embark with us”, explains Xavier de Villepin, Business & Investment manager within the club of investors which brings together 90 private investors.

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The specificity of the solution developed by the three partners is connect their technology to the brand’s checkout. “Once we are connected, we collect all the information like catalog, prices, stocks, etc. As soon as we have that, we map it in our system and there, the magic can happen.” The virtual structure then applies to all of the brand’s sales channels, including those relating to home deliveries such as UberEats or Deliveroo. Everything that is subsequently developed aims to grow the different sales channels with innovations such as voice commands from a car or a voice assistant, artificial intelligence and process automation. Once the orders are made, they are all centralized to appear as orders made at the counter for follow their traditional flow to the kitchen.

“It was not a goal at the start of the company, but we notice that with the shortage of manpower, this type of solution which makes it possible to digitize order taking can make up for this lack.”

Xavier de Villepin

Business & Investment Manager for TheClubDeal

The past of application developers is still present in the DNA of the company which makes it a point of honor to develop real customer experiences as it has just done with theQuick’s mobile app. Their customers seem to be more and more demanding regarding the digitization of their sales channels. The covid has been there, but that’s not the only reason. Would this digitization of points of sale also be forced by the shortage of labour? “The main objective of our customers is to increase their sales and reduce their operational costs. Addressing the shortage of labor is higher in their priorities”, according to John Van Lierde. “It was not a goal at the start of the company, but we notice that with the shortage of manpower, this type of solution which makes it possible to digitize order taking can make it possible to overcome this lack”, for Xavier de Villepin.

The forced digital evolution of the market offers good prospects for the company and justifies the interest of TheClubDeal, which signs here its 5th investment via its “TheClubDeal Fund II” fund.

The summary

  • Flyx and its solution for large retailers raises 2 million euros in a funding round led by TheClubDeal.
  • The Flyx solution enables major catering or retail brands to digitize their sales channelss and retain customers who have changed their purchasing habits.
  • The solution which takes the form of control terminals in particular could be a response to labor shortage.

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TheClubDeal invests in Flyx and its order digitization solution

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