@tmar, a mobile application for precision agriculture in Morocco

Always motivated by its desire to develop the agricultural sector, the OCP group is launching this @tmar application, a mobile application for agricultural advice.

Easy and intuitive, this package of services is based on advanced technological concepts and models such as artificial intelligence, satellite imagery and others that make it possible to provide tailor-made recommendations to each farmer according to his needs.

Today, with personalized support for each farmer, @tmar already covers several of the most widespread crops in Morocco (cereals, legumes, arboriculture and market gardening). This application will be enriched gradually according to the needs and feedback of farmers in order to offer new services.

It should be noted that this initiative capitalizes on several achievements developed by the kingdom, in particular within the framework of the reference collaborations between OCP and its various partners. This is the soil fertility map, the result of a reference partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests. This is also the case for the scientific expertise developed by national scientific institutions and in particular the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA), the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute (IAV), the National School of Agriculture of Meknes (ENA) and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Benguerir (UM6P). @tmar also relies on the technological know-how of IBM and Teal as well as on the connectivity offered by the various telecom operators on a national scale and in particular in rural areas.

This 100% Moroccan application was designed and developed in its entirety by national technical expertise: agronomists, computer and telecom engineers, solution architects, application designers and many other driving forces. @tmar is available for free on Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS). A call center as well as the Al Moutmir Facebook page are available to all farmers in order to support the appropriation by users of the various services offered and to support the use of digital technology for everyone, everywhere in rural areas.

Today, thanks to its relevance, its efficiency and above all its ease of use, the application has 332,000 users.

Focus on the services of the application
@tmar understands the real needs and concerns of farmers and especially small ones. It now has 7 operational departments.

1. Follow my plot: a service that provides the farmer with assistance tools to follow his plot throughout the technical itinerary of his crop. The technical itinerary is a logical and ordered sequence of cultural interventions allowing the maximum potential of the environment to be drawn from with respect to a given production, from sowing to harvesting. With this service, the farmer offers better visibility on his plot.

2. My NPK: Given the importance of fertilization in a crop, the farmer must always make the right choice of fertilizer. This is why @tmar has developed this MY NPK service, a scientific tool to guide the farmer in the choice of NPK fertilizer to use for optimal yield. This service takes into account the agro-climatic potential of the region as well as the results of the soil analyzes of his plot and the crop he intends to undertake.

3. Profitability simulator: one of the difficulties of local farmers is the lack of an economic approach helping them to better manage the profitability of their production. This service allows the farmer to adopt an economic approach that confirms the viability and profitability of any operation before it is carried out.

4. Weather: With the climate change currently raging in the sector resulting in a scarcity of rain, the farmer will finally be able to obtain information in real time, thanks to this service, of the most precise weather data and forecasts concerning his region (precipitation , evapo-transpiration, wind, soil humidity, etc.)

5. Market information: agriculture is also a global market. Indeed, farmers always need to know their market, its evolutions and its trends. With Market Info, farmers have access to an information service on the world prices of agricultural products which could also be of interest to the entire ecosystem.

6. Plant doctor: thanks to artificial intelligence, this tool helps the farmer to identify the “bioaggressor” of his crop and suggests appropriate remedies. All the farmer has to do is take a picture of the diseased plant and the service will offer him the appropriate diagnosis and control strategy. Simple and efficient !

7. Financing request: This financing service expands the @tmar offer, which aims to be a real digital advisor at the service of the farmer to support him in the success of his investment throughout the crop cycle.

According to the group, several new features are planned to enrich @tmar services and meet the expectations of Moroccan farmers. Thus, a new service called Text to speech will be integrated. This service will make it possible to read the technical recommendations aloud, for more access to information and to allow farmers who cannot read to also benefit from the various services of the application.

Another novelty announced is the “My NPK formula” service, which allows you to place an order for NPK fertilizer online.

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@tmar, a mobile application for precision agriculture in Morocco

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