Top of the best NLP solutions – May 2022 –

There are many NLP solutions in 2022. Some are better than others in different ways.

NLP solutions remain relevant even more in 2022 than before. If we limited ourselves to the understanding texts, to translation etc., natural language processing is used for many other things. However, the list is long and many will get lost just thinking about choosing the best one. In this way, we have established our selection of the best NLP solutions that will serve you in 2022. We take this opportunity to recall what NLP is and the fields of application of such technology.

What is NLP?

NLP is an acronym for Natural Language Processing, which stands for Natural Language Processing. It is a discipline of technology that involves learning the machinery to to understand natural language, in order to manipulate it. It is, in a way, the dimension linguistic computer science. The goal is to allow machines to interact with humans.

We encounter NLP in chatbots and various other intelligent interlocutors, but not only. In fact, this technology based on artificial intelligence allows to perform many tasks. Thus, the NLP makes it possible to obtain information when faced with a myriad of data. He also accesses the identification of bugs through reading comments on any product.

Despite its success, the NLP suffers from a number of flaws. It requires a large volume of data to work well. This constitutes a limit in terms of functionality. We hope that with the leaps and bounds of technology, Machine Learning will, sooner or later, fulfill our wishes. At the moment, we can choose different NLP solutions that meet our needs in 2022.

What are the most popular application areas of NLP?

The scope of NLP is not easy to delineate. Nevertheless, there are a few areas that seem to be the most popular at the moment.


When you browse a website, you are not always talking to a human. Some sites use robots for to respond to questions from Internet users. These are chatbots. These work by means of the NLP solution.

Chatbots are as smart as they can respond automatically to the requests that are addressed to the sites. They can, in addition, carry out certain standard tasks such as informing about any product. Because of this, chatbots are not only used by website owners. They also find their place in messaging platforms such as Messenger.

Sentiment analysis or opinion mining

Sometimes, for the good of an organization, it is necessary collect from information to users. However, extracting such information can be tedious. NLP solutions remain relevant in 2022 to address this. It is a question of collecting comments on a defined product in order to release feedback, positive or negative.

This strategy is commonly adopted in order to identify the level of satisfaction customers with regard to the product in question. What differentiates it from the survey is that it does not use any questionnaire. the sentiment analysis thus makes it possible to adjust the company’s production process (design, conception, functionalities, etc.). To do this, all you have to do is collect as many comments and customer reviews as possible on sites and social networks.


Today we are witnessing another aspect of marketing. Indeed, NLP solutions in 2022 make it possible to identify the potential consumers. In order to establish a complete effigy of the market, the NLP proves effective.

In this case, the NLP operates by analyzing the behavior Internet users, their habits and the sites/networks they frequent. Other sources of data such as sales logs and surveys can also be exploited.

Machine translation

Today, we no longer need to master a language to be able to understand a text. With software from automatic translation, Google Trad among others, just select the language in which you want to read it. This method was acquired thanks to NLP solutions. It requires no human participation.

It should only be pointed out that machine translation suffers from a few shortcomings. Sometimes, we manage to detect the meaning of the sentence with difficulty. The same goes for other apps of the same kind, such as Google Lens.

The automatic correction

The words we write are not always free from mistakes. Word processors are equipped with an NLP method to be able to detect spelling mistakes and of grammar. Autocorrect helps to deliver flawless text even if the author is not 100% capable of such a thing.

Microsoft Word is the most commonly used example. Now online word processors (Google Docs for example) are also able to help us correct various clerical errors.

What techniques are used by NLP solutions in 2022?

As its name suggests, NLP or natural language processing uses several methods to be able to give a good result. First, there is the treatment of text. This step makes it possible to collect the information necessary for the future use of this information. This is the linguistic part.

Additionally, there is themachine learning. In this part, the NLP uses the data science as well as machine learning. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play, in order to avoid human intervention.

In short, we can say that NLP is just another way of exploiting artificial intelligence and machine learning. Now, we are going to give you our selection of the best NLP solutions that you can choose from in 2022.

Top 7 Best NLP Solutions in 2022

The following list focuses on 7 NLP solutions that you can use in 2022. Whatever the nature of the organization (commercial, social), you will find something to facilitate its operation. Note that the NLP can also help individuals.

Hugging Faces Transformers

Hugging Faces Transformers features thousands of smart models able to perform various types of tasks recognition. Text, vision, video, audio are available to meet your daily needs. These NLP solutions are all the more essential in 2022 thanks to their ability to generate texts in more than a hundred languages. However, you can extract information, answer questions, and even translate.

At the same time, Transformers offers tools for viewing images, classifying them and segmenting them. These options are also available for audio files, not to mention voice and optical recognition. In this way, Hugging Faces Transformers offers a wide range of NLP solutions starting from scanned documents.

NLU snips

If you want to extract information from texts using NLP, you can opt for Snips NLU. This Python module allows you to extract structured information like when a person communicates with an artificial intelligence. Snips NLU stands out for its ability to recognizeintention of the user before extracting the relevant information.


This natural language processing method is based on both Python and Cython. She found her beginnings in the field ofindustry and the research. Its action focuses in particular on the supply of pre-formed pipelines. Apart from that, SpaCy accesses the tokenization and provides training for over 60 languages.

Accompanying state-of-the-art speed and neural network models facilitate tagging, named entity identification, access analysis, and text classification. This NLP solution also enables multitasking learning.


As for Pattern, it encompasses a Python-based web crawler pack. This NLP solution offers online services such as Wikipedia, Twitter or Google. Besides, Pattern has a web crawler and an analyzer HTML-DOM, making it easy to explore the data. There are currently different models of NLP such as partial taggers, sentiment analysis, WordNet and n-gram research.

Pattern also includes machine learning models, vector space models, classification and clustering including. These implemented models are used to perform network analysis.


Maintaining privacy can be difficult these days. Hackers are deploying new ways to extract your personal information. Rosetta was designed to deal with it. Indeed, it is one of the NLP solutions that allow protect privacy in 2022. With TensorFlow as its foundation, Rosetta strengthens privacy through encryption. As an NLP method, it converts normal TensorFlow code into a format that preserves confidentiality.

NLP Architect

NLP Architect is a Python toolset that uses deep learning toimprove NLP. This model makes it possible to test more advanced Deep Learning approaches, but also topologies. This makes it easier to understand the natural language of the neural network. Adaptability and extensibility make it an effective set of tools. NLP Architect integrates linguistic process models.


This NLP method is based on Java. This is a suite of analyzes that accesses the standardization and the‘interpretation dates, times and more quantifiable factors. Additionally, CoreNLP allows tagging of sentence structure to output classification and identify author intent.

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Top of the best NLP solutions – May 2022 –

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