UdeM will host the TimeWorld World Congress on Artificial Intelligence

From astrophysics to medicine, including justice, finance and sustainable development, artificial intelligence (AI) is on the lips of all scientists and interferes in all spheres of daily life.

On May 5, 6 and 7, the MIL campus of the Université de Montréal will host the TimeWorld, a prestigious international conference on this important subject which arouses both fear and hope. Organized by the University and Innovaxiom, this major meeting will offer around a hundred conferences, eight round tables and three artistic performances on the theme of artificial intelligence.

A true place of convergence of ideas, the congress is divided into four themes: measured AI (mathematics, physics, etc.), living AI (medicine, biology, etc.), perceived AI (psychology, history, etc.). .) and AI in art (literature, music…).

“The TimeWorld congress seeks to take stock of the field of artificial intelligence. It is first and foremost a space for sharing knowledge, expertise and points of view where the human and social sciences mingle with experimental sciences to offer everyone food for thought. We rely on complementarity, transdisciplinarity and cultural diversity to bring about new ideas and new collaborations,” says Laurence Honnorat, president of Innovaxiom, a company dedicated to the development and implementation of science projects. .

“UdeM is particularly happy to host this event on the MIL campus,” adds Marie-Josée Hébert, vice-rector for research, discovery, creation and innovation at UdeM. This is a great opportunity to share the latest knowledge on the issue of artificial intelligence; AI plays such a role in our society that it seemed important to us that everyone be able to understand how it works and its multiple applications in health, human sciences or the arts.”

Reflecting the disciplinary richness of UdeM

To complete the words of M.me Hébert, Valérie Amiraux, vice-rector for community and international partnerships at the Université de Montréal, adds that this meeting embodies the original vision of the MIL campus: “This neighborhood where we have officially established ourselves since 2019, a few streets from Mila, is located at the crossroads of several multi-faceted communities. It was designed to promote the transfer of knowledge between the student, research and neighboring communities, to decompartmentalize the disciplines, to bring them into dialogue and to bring out new ideas from these exchanges.

A symbol of its effervescence and leadership in the artificial intelligence sector, Montreal and its university will be well represented at TimeWorld. In addition to two renowned graduates – astrophysicist Hubert Reeves and astronaut David Saint-Jacques – some twenty members of the UdeM community will be speakers and panelists.

Presented in the form of questions, the conferences and round tables will be filmed, then broadcast free of charge on the European YouTube channel. Ideas in Science. “TimeWorld wants to be very forward-looking and collaborative. We are convinced that intelligence is not found in a single brain, but rather results from collective emulation”, concludes Laurence Honnorat.

Call for graduate and postdoctoral students

Would you like to contribute to the scientific component of this major public congress? The organizing committee is still looking for a few people to come and summarize on the spot, in five minutes, the highlights of each conference. To apply, write to this address: vrr(at)umontreal.ca.

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UdeM will host the TimeWorld World Congress on Artificial Intelligence

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