Urban innovation: 5 startups that are committed to better living in the city

To improve well-being in the city, urban innovation solutions exist. the RATP group has understood this and collaborates with startups to improve the services it provides to its customers on a daily basis. In a world undergoing profound change – and even more so since the health crisis – several challenges remain to be met. Among which :

  • Facilitate life in the city and optimize travel;
  • Thinking about the company of tomorrow for a better employee experience;
  • Accelerate the technological transformation of the RATP group to meet future industrial challenges;
  • Commit to a better quality of the city by developing urban integration programs;
  • Promote access to transport for all and strengthen social cohesion.

Faced with these challenges, a call for projects was launched in January. After several months of selection, five startups have managed to come out on top and will join the RATP group’s acceleration program. Overview.

Cocoparks, the app that makes parking easier

Cocoparks is a solution that responds to the problem of parking and road management in the city. Created in 2020, the French startup offers to identify available parking areas and saturated areas, and restore the information within the Cocoparks mobile application. In particular, the platform has a specific sensor (the “Cocospot”), capable of analyzing its environment via local image analysis, respectful of the GDPR. This allows you to know the real-time availability of parking spaces, whether on the streets or in car parks, and to find the cheapest option.

Soter Analytics, AI for more safety at work

Straight from the UK, Soter Analytics is the first training program that uses artificial intelligence to improve an individual’s ergonomic safety (vision, posture, environmental conditions, layout of furniture and equipment, etc.). Concretely, with this solution, workers improve their safety in the workplace by reducing their number of risky movements by 30 to 60%. How ? Thanks to notifications sent in real time to workers via a sensor and recommendations available on the mobile application.

Iteca, software at the service of the industry of the future

Iteca is a software publisher serving the industry of the future, based on three technological pillars: artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality. The company has, among other things, developed the platform SmartUpp: her makes it possible to connect all types of data from an industrial environment (sensors, CAD files, etc.), to process them and display them in a digital twin. Iteca also offers Witty 3D, a software ofassistance with diagnosis and maintenance which guides the operational teams in their decision-making.

12.5, the first two-wheeler parking service in Paris

Faced with the lack of bicycle shelters or secure parking for scooters, motorcycles or other two-wheelers, 12.5 has transformed the unoccupied underground car parks to make them available to users of the new Parisian mobility system. The startup has thus become the first bicycle and other two-wheeler parking service in the capital. In just four clicks, each user can reserve parking for their bicycle, scooter, scooter or cargo bike, for a period of one month, six months or one year. Enough to ensure that vandalism, theft and other recurring problems are only distant memories for its users.

Streetco, the collaborative pedestrian GPS

True pedestrian GPS, Streetco is a free application that calculates routes for citizens, including people with disabilities and reduced mobility by avoiding inaccessible routes thanks to the reports of its users. Totally collaborative, the tool allows everyone, whatever their level of mobility, to participate in their improvement by pointing out the obstacles and points of interest they encounter on their journey. Convenient and inclusive.

Tailor-made support

Different but complementary, these five winning companies will benefit from six months of tailor-made support. On the menu ?

  • access to Urbanopolisthe RATP network of innovation sites;
  • a poster campaign in the metro;
  • a pitch in front RATP Capital Innovationthe group’s investment subsidiary
  • business contacts, facilitated by the status of startup accelerated by the RATP group;
  • tailor-made mentoring sessions, in partnership with the Startup Leadership Program ;
  • a place and a pitch on the Lab of the RATP group, at the show Viva Technology 2022from June 15 to 18.

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Urban innovation: 5 startups that are committed to better living in the city

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