Vectra AI winner of SC Media Awards Europe 2022 “Excellence-Threat Solutions Award”

It was at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square that the SC Media Awards 2022 ceremony took place on June 21, coveted prestigious awards in the cybersecurity sector. Vectra, a leader in AI-based cyber threat detection and response for hybrid and multicloud enterprises, won the “Threat Solutions Excellence Award” in the “Best Behavior and Detection Analytics” category. corporate threats” for its Vectra AI platform.

Vectra was not satisfied with this single title, since it was also classified during this event as “Highly recommended” in the categories “Best use of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence”, “Best Customer Service” and “Best Security Company”.

The Vectra AI platform

Founded in 2010, based in San Jose, CA, Vectra is a leader in threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises. Its Vectra AI platform uses AI to quickly detect threats in public cloud, identity, SaaS applications and data centers.

She relies on the machine learning and neural networks to detect and prioritize threats. Its alerts reveal attackers’ methods in action and correlate with customer environments to pinpoint real attacks. It allows their security teams to react quickly and stop attacks in progress, avoid ransomware, compromise of the supply chain, identity theft and other cyberattacks that could have an impact on their activities.

SC Media

For more than 30 years, SC Media has been addressing cybersecurity professionals to whom it has provided in-depth and impartial information, news analysis, podcasts and practitioner videos, conferences, training, events, etc. Through these resources and a network of authoritative advisors, professors and contributors, SC Media unites the cyber ecosystem to share information with, by and for security practitioners and leaders.

It also organizes digital and live events like the RiskSec conference or the SC Awards.

The SC Awards 2022

The SC Awards Europe aim to recognize and reward innovative products and services that help fend off imminent threats and cybersecurity attacks.

A jury made up of SC Media’s editorial team and cybersecurity players decided on the shortlisted, Vectra AI, in addition to its three “Highly recommended” mentions, was thus named winner of the category “Best behavior analysis / detection corporate threats.

Kevin Kennedy, Senior Vice President of Products at Vectra, said:

“We are honored to receive this award from SC Media and to be recognized as the leader in behavior analysis and enterprise threat detection. Vectra develops products with security teams in mind, helping them reduce noise to prioritize their time to investigate and respond to real attacks. We continue to invest heavily in security AI research and development to provide the most reliable and accurate attack signal intelligence for modern hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises. Our goal is to help security teams turn the tide against cyber attackers. »

Paul Haywood, Group CISO at Bupa, said:

“With its advanced threat detection capabilities and clear focus on using AI to detect signals of cybercriminal behavior, Vectra was the natural choice for this award. In an era when ransomware, supply chain attacks and corporate account takeovers are rampant, it’s critical to identify attacks as early as possible so security teams can stop them before they happen. a breach occurs. »

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Vectra AI winner of SC Media Awards Europe 2022 “Excellence-Threat Solutions Award”

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