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An application wants to fight against clothing waste by offering to create your virtual dressing room and let an AI suggest your outfit of the day.

When artificial intelligence is at the service of your look. Vera is a new kind of application. Created three years ago by two women, one from the world of fashion, the other versed in artificial intelligence, it merges these two worlds to offer a virtual dressing room which aims to simplify life and to consume more intelligently. “Studies show that 70% of the clothes in our closets are seldom or never worn, explains Nada Bargachi, a graduate of the Institut Français de la Mode. Vera’s goal is to ensure that there is a real rotation in our wardrobe but also to simplify life since the app will suggest three complete outfits every day depending on the weather of the day. »

This is where a triple layer of artificial intelligence comes into play. “The application is, on the one hand, able to recognize an item of clothing, a bag or shoes from a photo: is it a sweater or pants? Does it have long or short sleeves? etc., details Olivia Breysse, doctor in AI, blockchain specialist and data scientist. On the other hand, she is able to associate – with taste – several clothes and accessories between them and to make, finally, suggestions according to the weather (temperature, possible rain…). » In addition, there are criteria in the choice of clothes according to interactions with the app (you can in particular indicate your favorite pieces).

With Vera, never again “I have nothing to wear”

It’s the dilemma every morning: choose your outfit from the many clothes you have. “On average, a Vera user photographs no less than 100 rooms to recreate their virtual dressing room,assures Nada Bargachi. And yet, the first thought of the day is often ‘I have nothing to wear’. »

The system anticipates this overflow of options by suggesting three possible outfits each day. The basic rules of style are taken into account while keeping a certain margin of originality. “The goal is absolutely not to have clones, that everyone is dressed the same”, insists the IFM graduate. And depending on its choices over time, the artificial intelligence will learn to refine its suggestions. So, if you are used to working from home on Fridays and therefore wearing a more relaxed outfit than usual on that day, Vera will identify this routine and gradually adapt her suggestions. Likewise, the proposals are different on weekends.

A virtual dressing room that allows you to buy less

“Having your entire dressing room listed in an app and nicely classified by type of clothing, color… it allows you to see in a different light pieces that would otherwise remain at the back of the closet. By taking them out more often and discovering new possible combinations between your clothes and accessories, you reduce this feeling of ‘lack’ and this need to go shopping.says Nada Bargachi.

Olivia Breysse adds: “By optimizing the contents of your closet with new associations of clothes that the AI ​​suggests, it makes it possible to buy less and better. The app allows you to have more in mind the pieces you have and therefore not to buy yet another little black top, for example. It is also possible to use Vera in store, before purchasing, to see if the item you love will allow you to make many combinations or if it will stand out in your wardrobe. »

With a fundraising of 8 million euros a few months ago, the application will accelerate its development and imagine premium paid features to take advantage of its connected closet. The goal is not to encourage the purchase of new pieces but, for ecological reasons, to take advantage of sharing your virtual dressing room with your community and other Vera users to imagine exchanges or loans, or even one day go to the second-hand sale stage integrated directly into the app.

Vera is a free application available on iOS and android. Victim of its own success, it is currently necessary to register on the waiting list to have access to it.

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Vera: what if you let artificial intelligence choose your clothes? – The Fnac Scout

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