Want to track and reduce your carbon footprint? The Moovance App will help you, measure your carbon footprint, on all your trips

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Moovance the app that makes you want to act sustainably against global warming!

Moovance officially launched its application at the end of April, which supports the French towards more responsible mobility while being rewarded. There is still time to act by simply reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

Everyone’s business, and therefore everyone’s business!

It’s everyone’s business each citizen is an essential link in the chain to act at his level against global warming ; Moovance offers everyone a practical solution with almost immediate results.

Downloadable free of charge from the App Store and Google Play Store, Moovance stands out thanks to artificial intelligence which automatically and in real time detects certain modes of transport such as the train, car, two-wheelers (bicycles, scooters, scooters, motorcycles) and by June buses, trams, TGV and walking.

This is an ideal solution to contribute to the climate challenge that large cities in particular, but not only, must urgently take up for future generations. This application is aimed primarily at French people wishing to reduce their carbon footprint in a significant and fun way during their journeys. says Anas Mbasso, CEO and founder of Moovance.

Reducing your carbon footprint is simple and concrete with Moovance!

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Once downloaded, the user only has to provide simple information on their usual modes of transport, then set a carbon footprint reduction target for their travels. For example, for the car, he must indicate his license plate number. Thanks to this, the app knows the type of vehicle, the model, the cylinder and the C02 released. As soon as the user moves, the application takes into account the journeys regardless of the means of transport to then guide him in the adoption of a more responsible mobility. The short-term objective is to give everyone the opportunity to contain global warming within the framework set by the Paris Agreements, i.e. a level well below 2 degrees, and preferably 1.5 degrees from pre-industrial levels.

I have been registered on Moovance for 1 month, I did not really know how to act for the environment concretely and I lacked motivation. Thanks to Moovance I found alternatives, I started cycling for short trips that I could have done by car but with the reward system and the calculation of the carbon footprint it convinced me to change some habits in favor of the planet. confirms Alexandre, 30 years old

An application that rewards its users! #antimoralizing

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Moovance rewards users whose behaviors are the most virtuous. The cleaner the mobility, the more Mooves points the user earns. ” Our mission is to reinforce this positive behavior so that it fits naturally over time. We are not here to lecture those who use their car but rather to encourage them to do it better, for example by adopting an alternative mode of transport or cleaner driving. confirms Anas Mbasso, CEO and founder of Moovance.

Moovance has forged its first partnerships with SNCF, Planète Urgence, Dott, Cityscoot and others are under discussion. Internet users can choose to offer their Moove points for the benefit of associations involved in the fight against global warming or to benefit from advantages within the partner network which is set to expand rapidly.

An innovative technological approach

Moovance is positioned as the second-generation player among companies that far too often confine themselves to a mono-modal measurement, or to estimates on a declarative basis of C02. The technological know-how around multimodal mobility is the essential value on which the Moovance application is based. Moovance is approaching 95% accuracy for its launch period. “It is in the integration phase, just like theaddition of increasingly personalized and relevant advice to reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, we must continue to increase the social and community features of the application so that the user can interact in a fun way with colleagues, friends or family.” explains Anas Mbasso.

About Moovance

The Tech startup was founded in 2020 by a specialist in mobility and AI, Anas Mbasso, previously in charge of data and AI projects for the Sncf group, and founder of the consulting firm and startup data and AI studio, Ekinox. The startup has already completed a first fundraising and financing of 1.150 million euros from investors in the energy, technology and Public Investment Bank sectors. Among the business angels, Patrick Lucas, former president of Gras Savoye, Nolwenn Allano, investor and advisor to large international groups, Emmanuel Vallée who works to develop the mega green city NEOM, as well as German and Dutch investors attracted by the Moovance offer, innovative in their markets.

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Want to track and reduce your carbon footprint? The Moovance App will help you, measure your carbon footprint, on all your trips

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