What unlocks the potential of AI in 2023?

Marc Dollois and Alexandre Caussignac of VMware, analyze the conditions under which companies can now take better advantage of AI.

>> This article is an excerpt from the “French AI champions” experience notebook

On the occasion of the release of the experience book “The French champions of AI”, Alexandre Caussignac, technical director of VMware France, analyzes the conditions thanks to which companies can finally benefit from artificial intelligence. As for Marc Dollois, general manager of VMware France, he recalls how urgent it is for companies to launch a real internal discussion on AI.

Alliance. French companies in industry and retail are they ready enough to take advantage of AI innovations today?

Alexandre Caussignac, CTO VMware France

Alexandre Caussignac. All the conditions are met to promote the adoption of AI in companies, on the human, organizational and technical aspects.

On a human level: finally, companies promote interactions between business lines, employees with in-depth knowledge of the business, and cutting-edge technical experts such as data engineers and the data scientists.

On the technical side, the democratization of IT made possible by the interconnectivity of networks has exploded the data available, whether in terms of volume, variety or velocity. We have seen platforms appear big data Where data lake, but also the calculation capabilities to process all forms of data, whether text, image, video… All for data management, both structured and unstructured. We can see that companies today have enough data to have relevant algorithms that will be able to decline models of machine learningof deep learning… With various use cases: prediction, classification, regression, image analysis, text analysis…

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Are the digital infrastructures there?

To be able to store and analyze this data, it is indeed necessary to have modern infrastructures and applications. On this application aspect, the rule is now for microservices, which will rely on architectures legacy, rather monolithic, which will give protean applications. On the infrastructure aspect, it is now possible to softwariser all the components of the data center to be able to control, in a software way, both the computing power, the storage or the network. This allows companies, regardless of their sector, to benefit from their own infrastructures, of the private cloud type, while obtaining the striking power of the public cloud, by practicing the data cachingi.e. data anonymization.

Should you choose a particular cloud to carry out an AI project efficiently?

Companies can also open up to multicloud, including with a sovereign cloud share. It is also increasingly common on these modern infrastructures to push the analytical capacity to the businesses themselves, with theedge computing. It is in the face of this rich and varied environment that VMware also brings its value: by freeing companies to allow them to rely on a modern, scalable and agnostic base, both on the application part and on the infrastructure. . Because, after all, that’s what keeps AI innovations focused on customer value.

In 2023, all companies must have a real discussion on artificial intelligence
by Marc Dollois, Managing Director of VMware France

Marc Dollois, Managing Director of VMware France

Marc Dollois, Managing Director of VMware France

AI is a global trend. These algorithms and software developments, whose objective is to simulate human intelligence, have been around for many years. However, the subject has been much more topical in recent months. Analysts all observe that the experimental phases that we have experienced are giving way to full-scale implementation. To really innovate with AI, you need to have enough good quality data that you can analyze in a relevant way. This is only possible with infrastructure and capacity to processing who are present. It is this alignment of technological capabilities, finally truly available in 2022, that allows us today to give AI its full power.

However, the subject remains not very tangible for many decision-makers. This is why it is extremely important to be able to discuss use cases, sector by sector, currently implemented operationally in organizations, particularly in France. This is one of the reasons why VMware organizes its event, for example Lead Forwardso that everyone can draw ideas that can really be implemented in their business and in the months to come.

The strategic conversations we have with our clients give us the opportunity to scan the wide range of possibilities that exist before them. As a publisher, we equip diverse businesses and see the best ideas worth replicating, sector by sector. We are particularly interested in the efforts made at the level of the applications themselves, between those that were coded many years ago and the most recent, cloud-native ones. Because all of them generate the data that will be the raw material of AI.

There are advantages and constraints linked to this multicloud era that we have entered, but one point is certain: it is urgent to break down the silos that limit the uses of artificial intelligence, in order to be able to feed them with good data. At VMware, we are well aware of these structuring transformation challenges, because we already use artificial intelligence a lot ourselves. For example, we are improving the code and the way we develop our applications with AI, with more automated tests and better monitoring of application behavior. And vis-à-vis our customers, we also rely on artificial intelligence to carry out proactive maintenance or anticipate security risks. So many topics that are now accessible to all companies, provided there is a real discussion on the use cases that deserve to be scaled up… and on the technical and organizational prerequisites that make them possible. .

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What unlocks the potential of AI in 2023?

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