With its connected glass, Telegrafik prevents dehydration in seniors in nursing homes or at home

The startup Telegrafik is expanding its offer a little more. The Toulouse-based operator of connected solutions for aging well based on artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies, integrates Auxivia into its offer: an innovative connected glass, allowing water monitoring of the elderly in real time. Developed in partnership with BodyCAP (a Calvados company), a specialist in connected objects dedicated to monitoring people in the fields of well-being and health, this solution is unique on the silver economy market in France.

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The Auxivia connected glass is based on an innovative technology to measure the fluid intake of patients, for prevention and awareness purposes. The tool responds to the risk of dehydration in the elderly and helps prevent its consequences: headaches, kidney function disorders, cognitive function disorders, falls, etc. Associated with the Telegrafik platform, Auxivia collects data related to the water intake of seniors in nursing homes or at home, to ensure monitoring and traceability.

“From ultrasonic signals sent from the base of the glass upwards, Auxivia calculates the quantity of liquid remaining. It is also able to differentiate whether the glass has been drunk or spilled”, indicates Sébastien Moussay, president of the Norman company. BodyCAP.

Already a hundred places equipped

The glass collects data which is transferred automatically. These are analyzed by an artificial intelligence system, then made available to caregivers or caregivers through the Telegrafik platform. Easy to use, the innovation which required nearly six years of R&D, is part of “perfectly in the usual operation of establishments or at home” and is very quickly adopted by staff and beneficiaries.

“A light signal at the base of the glass reminds the person that they haven’t had enough to drink and encourages them to do so. The glass is dishwasher safe. Once washed and dry, it is placed on its tray refill and it is at this time that the solution sends the data of ingested liquid”, adds Carole Zisa-Garat, founder of the company Telegrafik, launched in 2013.

The average price of the service, for five residents (three glasses per resident), is billed at 169 euros per month, over twelve months. “Often, nursing homes commit to three years. There the price is less than 100 euros per month“, specifies Carole Zisa-Garat. Today, the solution equips around a hundred establishments throughout France, including the Omeris group. The company’s ambition is to scale up with this solution.

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A shared offer unique in France

This new connected prevention tool, unique in the world, is part of Telegrafik’s global platform logic. The company offers its customers a “one stop shop”, a “single” platform where they can access all the connected solutions they need. With its shared offer, the objective is to provide the best possible support for the elderly or vulnerable, to enable them to remain independent for as long as possible at home, in a senior residence or in a retirement home and to facilitate the work of employees in establishments. specialists and family carers. In France, Telegrafik is the only player to maintain this positioning as a global platform.

“We offer them a platform with solutions for instantaneous fall detection in the room, connected beds, activity or hydration monitoring, etc. In the next ten years, nursing homes will be digitized, massively digitized and these connected solutions are a very good complement to the human care service. Customers realize that if they want three different connected solutions, they will have to call on three different suppliers. We bring them a solution where the all of their connected objects and their alerts in one place”, explains the leader of the company.

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An environment conducive to growth

Today, Telegrafik has nearly 10,000 connected sensors linked to its platform and dedicated to reinforced home care and accommodation establishments for seniors. In all, it equips nearly 160 sites with its solutions for detecting falls, discomfort or abnormal situations, for example, or with its activity monitoring sensors to carry out prevention. Telegrafik is present in nearly 90 French departments as well as in Belgium and soon in Spain.

“We also inform and coordinate healthcare professionals through software suites, smartphone applications, a professional portal for managing these connected solutions. We give them a vision of what is happening with residents or people at home so that they intervene at the right time.”

The Toulouse company is growing rapidly. Indeed, which had 116 customers in January 2022, plans to double its fleet to nearly 250 “within 12 months“. Telegrafik is driven by a favorable context. Legislation and major upheavals in the senior market should not change this growing trend, quite the contrary.

“We are in an acceleration phase because there is a big market need. There was the Covid-19 crisis which made people think a lot about staying at home and entering nursing homes, a scandal of nursing homes which is not over and the aging of the population. Moreover, France is accelerating with in particular the Ségur de la santé, the Social Security financing law which established the principle and the financing of nursing homes outside the walls, at home. Now, establishments have budgets to experiment with innovation”, explains the business manager.

A wave of hiring

While remaining very discreet about the financial results of her box, Carole Zisa-Garat reveals that Telegrafik “doubled its turnover in 2021” with “solid foundations”. “In the second half of the year, we had an operating result that was balanced between our expenses and our income“, she specifies. This year its turnover should be between one and two million euros.

Installed within the Toulouse Métropole business incubator, in Colomiers, the connected solutions operator has 14 employees divided between Toulouse and Paris, where salespeople work. In order to understand the acceleration phase, the company is planning a hiring plan for the second half of 2022 and early 2023. It should open two sales positions and strengthen its technical teams as it grows.

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