Alloprof improves its services thanks to artificial intelligence | Evening Newspaper

Alloprof improves its services thanks to artificial intelligence Evening

After two years of absence due to COVID-19, the ministerial exams are back this year in both elementary and secondary schools: Alloprof continues to improve its resources to support academic success, by integrating, among other things, new features related to artificial intelligence to its web platform. “Assessments can be a source of stress for young … Read more

Where are the next zoonotic viruses hiding?

Where are the next zoonotic viruses hiding

Until recently, we only knew about two percent of possible interactions between viruses and mammals, the so-called virome. A new artificial intelligence technique (IA) has however made it possible to identify new possible viral interactions, multiplying by 15 the size of the known virome. This new prediction came about thanks to a machine learning approach … Read more

ASML, Nvidia à privilégier dans les semi-conducteurs

Au milieu de la volatilité récente des marchés boursiers, plusieurs fabricants de semi-conducteurs ou d’équipementiers pour l’industrie ont considérablement chuté et semblent désormais attrayants par rapport à nos estimations de juste valeur. Malgré la pénurie continue de puces, nous pensons que les investisseurs s’inquiètent à juste titre du ralentissement de la demande sur les grands … Read more

Maritime industry: technologies, a lifeline

The maritime industry is increasingly turning to innovation to improve efficiency, strengthen the supply chain or reduce its environmental footprint. Here are three good examples of innovation that have been put forward by the maritime industry here. • Read also: Maritime industry: a large pool of positions at more than $125,000 per year • Read … Read more

GALF Experts Call for Consolidation of Data for Policy Formulation

DUBAI, 18th May, 2022 (WAM) — Industry experts attending the 21st edition of the Airport Show in Dubai have called for consolidating data collected from social media platforms using artificial intelligence and robotics to formulate policies to improve safety measures and the passenger experience in the aviation industry. Airports have always been at the forefront … Read more

Google would have created the first generalized artificial intelligence, “competing” with the human mind

Google would have created the first generalized artificial intelligence competing

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) DeepMind, a company (belonging to Google) specialized in artificial intelligence, has just presented its new artificial intelligence named “Gato”. Unlike “classic” AIs, which specialize in a specific task, Gato is able to perform more than 600 tasks, often much better than humans. Controversy is … Read more

Seen at SANTEXPO 2022: Dedalus’ solution to accelerate research with health data

DSIH, FRIDAY MAY 20, 2022 Dedalus has developed a solution capable of exploiting health data from its installed base to promote research and thus enable hospitals to give patients more chances. This strategy was presented on May 19 during a round table organized as part of the SANTEXPO exhibition. As healthcare organizations produce millions of … Read more