ChatCGT, anti-pension reform artificial intelligence

ChatCGT anti pension reform artificial intelligence

In “Estelle Midi” this Tuesday on RMC and RMC Story, Anthony Morel presents the artificial intelligence ChatCGT, which opposes the pension reform in a parodic way. After ChatGPT, this artificial intelligence that has the answer to everything, here is… ChatCGT, the anti-pension reform artificial intelligence! The first Marxist artificial intelligence, in any case, that’s how … Read more

Customer relations & automation: making compliance an opportunity

Customer relations automation making compliance an opportunity

No sector of activity escapes the challenge of compliance. Often experienced as a constraint, it can be a real opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and the employee experience. How ? Thanks to automation! Explanations. Protection of customers, processing of personal information, securing bank data, transparency to limit the escheat of life … Read more

Amalthea Integrates Infor’s AI Solution to Improve Profitability and Cheese Quality, Build Customer Loyalty, and Strengthen Sustainability Initiatives

Cloudera a hybrid data company today unveils its cloud trend

Infor®, a Cloud specialist dedicated to each industrial sector, announces that Amalthea, one of the world’s leading suppliers of organic goat’s and cow’s cheese, has chosen to rely on the integrated artificial intelligence solution ( IA) of Infor in order to improve its profitability and the quality of its cheeses, to retain its customers and … Read more

Chat GPT outperforms students in medical, law and economics exams

Chat GPT outperforms students in medical law and economics

Where will Chat GPT artificial intelligence stop. Every week, the American firm makes the news. Today, a team of American researchers has passed exams in medicine, law and economics to AI. Chat GPT could be your next doctor, lawyer or salesperson. The great Chat GPT revolution is coming. Only a few weeks ago, the American … Read more

Watermark the AI ​​that shamelessly erases copyrights

Watermark Removerio the AI ​​that shamelessly erases copyrights

Powerful and fascinating, artificial intelligence highlights many ethical and legal issues. This is the case of Watermark, which removes watermarks from protected images in seconds, in violation of copyright. While theartificial intelligence knows incredible technological advances, its evolution raises little by little many problems, in particular vis-à-vis the creative industry. This is the case … Read more

Autonomous car: the challenges in terms of artificial intelligence are immense

Autonomous car the challenges in terms of artificial intelligence are

Une time again, the automobile was at the party at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the high mass of tech which has just closed its doors in Las Vegas with, once again, artificial intelligence (AI) at the heart of innovation. Read also: Article reserved for our subscribers CES in Las Vegas wants to get out … Read more

Swedish EU Presidency outlines health priorities

1674659687 Swedish EU Presidency outlines health priorities

The Swedish ministers have defined the health policy program that Sweden will carry during its Presidency of the Council of the EU. On the agenda: measures to combat loneliness and the establishment of a European health data space, among others. “These six months will be very busy, and the Swedish presidency is prepared for what … Read more

ChatGPT’s AI was asked five reasons to live (or not) in Rouen

ChatGPTs AI was asked five reasons to live or not

Through Julien Bottler Published on 21 Jan 23 at 19:04 76news See my news Follow this media We tested the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT by asking him the reasons to live or not in Rouen. (©JB/76actu/Illustration) We talk a lot about ChatGPT the last days. These tools developed by Open AI allow interact with an … Read more