Accelerate research and clinical trials with the cloud

Scientists discover the thermodynamic properties of molten salts used in

To meet the current challenges of modern medicine, more and more research organizations are adopting a cloud strategy. One of the great challenges of modern medicine consists in considerably reducing all the stages which precede the marketing authorization (AMM) of a drug. Digital models that accelerate research The marketing of a new therapeutic treatment is … Read more

Aude: satellites in the face of floods

Aude satellites in the face of floods

the essential Version 1 of the FORO platform (Flood observatory for resilient Occitanie) has just been launched in Aude, a pilot territory: a unique tool to help local authorities and actors better adapt territories to the risks of extreme precipitation. Almost four years since the story began, when the departmental directorate of territories and the … Read more

Artificial intelligence and tourism, a promising association!

Artificial intelligence and tourism a promising association

The adoption of artificial intelligence has now become an opportunity for the tourism industry: optimization of brand-consumer exchanges, personalized products and services,… in short, a new era for customer relationship management! Who nowadays hasn’t heard of a magic technology that hasn’t stopped giving good harvests in different industries just for adopting it! Well it is … Read more

Blenderbot 3, Meta’s Newest AI Chatbot, Begins Beta Testing

Blenderbot 3 Metas Newest AI Chatbot Begins Beta Testing

Meta’s AI research labs have produced a new state-of-the-art chatbot and let the public test it. BlenderBot 3 is released for public users in the United States. Meta thinks BlenderBot 3 can participate in regular chats and answer questions from the digital assistant, such as identifying kid-friendly places. BlenderBot 3 chats and answers queries like … Read more

Social networks and privacy, two definitively irreconcilable concepts

Social networks and privacy two definitively irreconcilable concepts

On the occasion of the world day of social networks this Thursday, June 30, here is a little reminder of their good use in terms of privacy, for the 67% of French people who use them. As we know, the use of social networks is not without consequences. By writing comments, by publishing, by reacting, … Read more

Sexism, racism… on Twitch, single women face cyberbullying

Non lintelligence artificielle de Google nest pas

Hundreds and hundreds of malicious bots arrived en masse on the same live Twitch. In the jargon, it’s called a hate raid and streamer Delfea Gaming – followed by 1,400 people – is now used to it. “A few days ago, 200 bots landed on my channel with very violent nicknames”, tells us the twitcher. … Read more

“Digital can personalize and simplify the in-store experience” (Soumia Hadjali – Sephora)

Digital can personalize and simplify the in store experience Soumia Hadjali

(ETX Daily Up) – Present at the high mass of innovation Viva Technology, within the LVMH pavilion, the Sephora brand unveiled several initiatives articulated around digital. Soumia Hadjali, Digital & Technology Director for Europe and the Middle East, tells us more about these innovations intended to improve and personalize the customer experience, while at the … Read more

Sébastien Mitea (Global Desinformation Index): “The exclusion list of the Global Desinformation Index includes nearly 2,000 sites at high risk of disinformation”

Sebastien Mitea Global Desinformation Index The exclusion list of the

Twitch, Oracle Advertising, Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Mediamath have in common to be connected to the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), which since 2018 provides a regularly updated list of domains to exclude from programmatic purchases. Sébastien Mitea, research director at GDI. © GDI JDN. What is the scale of the volume of advertising investments … Read more

P. Queinnec (Jenji) “The question of cash materializes above all for fear of losing the best employees”

Between inflation and rising interest rates, what are the effects of their rapid evolution on cash management within companies? Rock Queinnec. The context is stressful and gloomy. It generates a preponderance of the question of cash for companies. On the publisher’s side, we note that the trend is towards the automation of re-invoicing to avoid, … Read more

The LABORATORY Gazette Briefs

1656463931 The LABORATORY Gazette Briefs

2022-06-28 First in France – Melanoma screening: the AP-HM has the Vectra 3D skin scanner The high-precision imaging system of the whole-body VECTRA 3D skin scanner, allowing the automatic detection of melanomas, took place within the brand new automated melanoma screening center in Marseille located at the Conception Hospital (Pr Jean-Jacques Grob , Pr Marie-Aleth … Read more