Metanomic acquiert Intoolab, dveloppeur du premier moteur d’intelligence artificielle rseau baysien

Metanomic acquiert Intoolab developpeur du premier moteur dintelligence artificielle a

Class dans : Science et technologie, SantSujets : Product/Service, Merger/Acquisition Aujourd’hui, Metanomic ( annonce qu’elle a acquis Intoolab A.I ( , une socit spcialise dans l’intelligence artificielle base de rseaux baysiens, afin de dvelopper et d’amliorer l’analyse des donnes et l’intelligence artificielle dans les jeux vido et sur le Web3. Cette acquisition vient renforcer l’infrastructure … Read more

Trusted data, the Achilles heel of artificial intelligence

Dor several years now, the ecosystem of the digital world, both academic and industrial, has been exploring so-called “trusted” artificial intelligence (AI): we are on the verge of regulation concerning the technological risks of the deployment of AI that mainly highlights the explainability, robustness and transparency of the algorithms. This is the Artificial Intelligence Act … Read more

Fake accounts, at the heart of the halting of the takeover of Twitter

Published on : 05/18/2022 – 18:32 San Francisco (AFP) – The conditioning of the takeover of Twitter to guarantees on fake accounts has placed the “bots”, these automated computer programs, at the heart of this eventful acquisition process. This extremely popular software can be so problematic that tech giants like Meta, Google, and Twitter have … Read more

New Vivo V23 5G: revolutionary style and an exceptional camera

It’s not easy to stand out in the highly competitive smartphone market! Yet this is what Vivo has just done with its new V23 5G. As usual, the brand innovates, and that’s nothing to say. With its latest generation camera, the Vivo V23 has everything to seduce those who have the easy shot, that is … Read more

Teleradiology: the Lyonnais Imadis is betting on AI to improve the efficiency of the care offer

“We quickly understood the interest of artificial intelligence to improve our service. As soon as technologically mature solutions were proposed, we launched experiments. Result? Today, AI has become one of our strengths of differentiation”displays Alexandre Ben Cheick, co-founder of the Lyon medtech company Imadis. Created in 2008 by five young radiologists graduated from the Hospices … Read more

Electric car: a start-up promises to gain 160 km of autonomy in 5 minutes without a drop in performance

The Israeli start-up StoreDot is working on a new technology intended to significantly speed up the charging of electric batteries while increasing their lifespan. StoreDot is working on an electric car battery that not only charges faster, but also loses nothing in terms of performance, even after more than 1500 recharge cycles. This is the … Read more

An algorithm identifies battered children by cross-referencing data from medical records

While the cases of beaten children are on the rise due to the various confinements, an algorithm, launched by a team of researchers, makes it easier to identify child abuse in hospitalized children. Un algorithm for sifting through records of children admitted to hospital to detect those who are victims of child abuse? This is … Read more

In the United States, a brand creates clothes only validated by its customers

(ETX Daily Up) – An American ready-to-wear brand is using artificial intelligence to define tomorrow’s trends, and fight waste and overproduction. Thanks to new technologies, Finesse creates outfits modeled in 3D to submit them to the votes of its customers, and only produce those that are (really) unanimous. A kind of on-demand manufacturing, or almost, … Read more

BeeOdiversity: bees and artificial intelligence against pesticides – WE DEMAIN

BeeOdiversity bees and artificial intelligence against pesticides WE DEMAIN

On May 20, 2022, World Bee Day, it’s hard to miss this start-up. She is currently present at the ChangeNOW show dedicated to the ecological transition (in Paris from May 19 to 21). BeeOdiversity is a Belgian company that, since 2014, has been using bees to monitor the quality of biodiversity and pollution levels in … Read more

Aurélie Jean, the doctor of science who is revolutionizing the detection of breast cancer – Les Inrocks

For the fourth year, the Île-de-France Region is honoring Ile-de-France women who are moving the lines. On March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, the EllesdeFrance Trophies celebrated four inhabitants for their actions in the fields of innovation, creation, solidarity, as well as courage and transcendence. Attributed by Internet users, a fifth … Read more