Pensions: what would Napoleon think of Macron’s reform?

1675204362 Pensions what would Napoleon think of Macrons reform

Dhe millions of French people opposed to the reform project, but a reinforcement of choice for the government: Napoleon Ier ! An embarrassing support, some might estimate, but, to read the Twitter account, the position of this sovereign who cared, it is true, for the pensions paid to his grognards is unequivocal. We need … Read more

5 best practices for an ethical environment in data science

5 best practices for an ethical environment in data science

Faced with big data collections, companies are increasingly trying to leverage machine learning (ML) technology to analyze them faster and more accurately. the automated machine learning is currently creating a real small revolution in the world of AI. By democratizing machine learning in the service of data analysis for companies of all sizes, tools such … Read more

Artificial intelligence can identify risks in public procurement – ​​Court

Artificial intelligence can identify risks in public procurement – ​​Court.webp

Algorithms will detect “contracts favoring the same companies, excessive costs and conflicts of interest”. At a time in the country’s political reality when local and national “scandal” is never far from the headlines, an ambitious new project has been launched in Portugal to use artificial intelligence to identify risks in public procurement. The project was … Read more

Optimum automotive is accelerating internationally » PACA’s economic and political letter

Pfizer Healthcare Hub France with WILCO The economic

This French company, an expert in fleet verification by accelerating internationally. Daniel VASSALLUCCI, CEO of Optimum Automotive declares: “In-depth transformation of company fleets and mobility more generally, to preserve energy are issues of primary importance for the planet. The LOM in France requires that 50% of company fleets of more than 100 vehicles now switch … Read more

Oracle SCM Update: Good Examples of AI Applied to Logistics

1675178475 Oracle SCM Update Good Examples of AI Applied to Logistics

On the occasion of its update in early 2023, Oracle’s Supply Chain Management tool is enriched with features to more accurately track shipments and understand the origin of a product’s components. The three main new features use machine learning (ETA Predictions, Automated Trade Agreement Qualification and Logistics Digital Assistant) and are a good illustration … Read more

get an echocardiogram from a postage stamp

Imagine a postage stamp stuck on the chest capable of generating real-time cardiac ultrasound images. This concept, which came out of the imagination of Californian researchers, is very real, as a study published in the Revue Nature attests to. It can generate continuous images and measure LV stroke fraction and volume as well as cardiac … Read more

Did this AI just detect an extraterrestrial life form? –

Did this AI just detect an extraterrestrial life form

An AI created by a team of radio astronomers has detected strange, unexplainable anomalies in radio telescope data. It could be a signal of an intelligent extraterrestrial life form… Are we alone in the universe ? This is a question that humans have been trying to answer for centuries, without having so far found a … Read more

Artificial intelligence, AIE, AIE, AIE

1675172086 Artificial intelligence AIE AIE AIE

@Ludvig hedenborg While town planning tends towards zero artificialisation, intelligence tends towards total artificialisation. After the great illusion of the Metaverse,* the new geeky fad is called the AI. In recent months, artificial intelligence has become mainstream and finds itself on the front page of all the newspapers. Between the creation of images generated by … Read more