Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging Market, Global Capacity, Production Value, Cost Structure and Future Demand to 2028 –

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging Market Global Capacity Production Value

Actionable insights and market data provided in the high quality market report of artificial intelligence in medical imaging help build business growth strategy by astute and authoritative DBMR team. The document focuses on smaller, singular topics, issues, or populations, rather than an overall market sample. This industry analysis document sheds light on finer details about … Read more

Looking to the future: what will be the social platforms of tomorrow? | News attic

Looking to the future what will be the social platforms

When we think about the future of social media, we often have a pessimistic, almost dystopian view. This is probably due to the fact that we care more and more about privacy issues and the social and humanitarian commitment of the corporations behind our social networks. Indeed, around the world, we talk a lot about … Read more

OPPO launches exceptional offers on its A Series smartphones for baccalaureate and Aïd El Kebir

1656342401 OPPO launches exceptional offers on its A Series smartphones for

OPPO announces the launch in Tunisia of a special promotion on its smartphones, Series A, on the occasion of the baccalaureate and Eid El Kebir 2022. Fans of OPPO’s technological products will thus have the opportunity, June 27 to July 11, 2022, to acquire quality A96, A76 and A55 smartphones at exceptional prices (with a … Read more

Owkin Announces Multi-Year Strategic Collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb

On June 8, Owkin, a French-American start-up specializing in AI and federated learning applied to medical research, announced that it had entered into a multi-year strategic collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb in order to apply its AI capabilities to clinical trial optimization. This collaboration initially aims to accelerate the marketing of drugs … Read more

The Business Booster, the meeting place for industrialists and energy start-ups, September 28-29

The Business Booster the meeting place for industrialists and energy

Meet start-ups and discover new solutions Participating in The Business Booster, in Lisbon, means meeting more than 150 European start-ups, some of whom have come to pitch. There will be new shoots pre-selected in 2022 by EIT InnoEnergy: ECOP will present its high temperature heat pump for industrial applications, SUENA will put artificial intelligence at … Read more

Trends conducive to the development of next-generation DevOps

With the implementation of many new technologies and working methods, companies must adopt appropriate models. In 2012, the DevOps was on everyone’s lips, especially with the increasing automation of software life cycles. In 2014, the industry witnessed widespread adoption of DevOps as many organizations began to embrace continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), but only for … Read more

Top 10 of the best tools to use AI without knowing how to code –

Do you want to use Machine Learning and AI in your business or for a project, but you do not have the expertise of a Data Scientist or an engineer? Discover the top 10 best tools to create machine learning and artificial intelligence applications without computer code. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are opening up … Read more

Why might it be a bad sign if your partner has two calculator apps on their smartphone?

Internet users have discovered a new sign that can cast doubt on the loyalty of his half: having several calculator applications on his phone. We explain why! These fake digital calculators were brought to light on TikTok by American influencer and podcast host, Sam “Nugget” Dababneh. “If you’re dating a guy and you go to … Read more

Artificial intelligence and its many areas of predilection.

Artificial intelligence and its many areas of predilection

Artificial Intelligence (AI) actively participate in our daily lives. The term refers to a set of theories and techniques that simulate human intelligence to enable machines to replicate, or even surpass, the capacity of the brain. The concept originated in october 1956 when the great mathematician Alan Turing wrote a book on the subject. This … Read more

Artificial intelligence: opportunities and risks | News | European Parliament

Strengthen democracy Data-driven scrutiny, countering misinformation and cyber-attacks, and providing access to verified information could help strengthen democracy. AI could promote diversity and foster open-mindedness, mitigating the risk of harm during hiring based on data analysis when a candidate is chosen (for example). AI and security Experts predict that AI will be more frequently employed … Read more