MAINTENANCE. Mathematics: how to reconcile students with this unloved subject

MAINTENANCE Mathematics how to reconcile students with this unloved subject

What is math for? How do you find meaning in this reasoning subject? The testimony of a teacher in a high school in Toulouse sheds light on the method to adopt to learn to appreciate his discipline. This Monday, November 14, 2022 opens the Assises des Mathématiques organized by the CNRS. The opportunity to make … Read more

Meero: photography in low cost mode in a devastated area

Cryptos for an iris scan the controversial Worldcoin

Meero got off on the wrong foot. In terms of reputation, of course. Because on the financing side, the start-up has blown up the thermometer by raising a total of 293 million dollars since its creation in 2017. Its last fundraising, in 2020, propelled it to the firmament of unicorns (valued at more than one … Read more

An Apple Search engine on the web? Not before 2026!

A new signed report The Information looks at Apple’s current efforts to develop “search capabilities that could directly compete with those of Google.” As part of this project, in 2019 Apple acquired an AI startup called Laserlike, which was founded by a group of Google engineers. But in the meantime, the founders have returned to … Read more

How Bondzai invents a new approach to AI

How Bondzai invents a new approach to AI

Unconvinced by current approaches to artificial intelligence (AI), Alain Fanet, serial entrepreneur since the 1990s, decided to investigate the next emerging wave of smart objects (AioT). His meeting in 2019 with the professor of applied and industrial mathematics Bijan Mohammadi, who has just developed an algorithm for deep learningwill be decisive: together, they decide to … Read more

Régis Banquet, president of Syaden: “Bringing Aude communities into the 21st century”

Regis Banquet president of Syaden Bringing Aude communities into the

The Aude Energy and Digital Syndicate (Syaden) is one of the five winners of the France 2030 “Intelligent and Sustainable Territories” call for projects, the State investment plan to “better understand, better produce , live better”. “It’s a big day for the department! It’s a new momentum.” Régis Banquet, president of the Aude energy and … Read more

Transparent window covering could cool buildings without using energy News Physics and Quantum Computing

Enquete 2023 Les tendances CX vues par les editeurs

As climate change intensifies summer heat, the demand for technologies to cool buildings increases. Now researchers report in ACS Energy Letters that they used advanced computer technology and artificial intelligence to design a transparent window covering that could lower the temperature inside buildings, without expending a single watt of energy. Studies have estimated that cooling … Read more

5 reasons why the cloud is essential for entrepreneurs

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

1. Innovate at the speed of the greatest Leaving “on-site” IT in favor of the cloud means bringing your SME into the big leagues by providing it with the same tools as the giants of the CAC 40 or the most successful start-ups. “The cloud is a business accelerator,” says Amélie Véron, France sales director … Read more

Anyline Launches First Tire Tread Depth Scanner for Smartphones at SEMA 2022

Class in: Science and technologyTopics : Photo/Multimedia, Conference, Event, Product/Service, Trade Show anyline, the world leader in mobile data capture and artificial intelligence, today launches the first tire tread depth scanner that works on any smartphone or mobile device with a digital camera. This software solution, which accurately and reliably measures tire tread depth, is … Read more

AliExpress tramples the price of Nothing Phone 1, you will hallucinate 😲

AliExpress tramples the price of Nothing Phone 1 you will

As part of a Single Day flash sale at AliExpress, the price of the excellent Nothing Phone 1 smartphone drops considerably. It’s the right time to equip yourself with this one-of-a-kind smartphone. The Nothing Phone, available since July 2022, has been a resounding success since its release. So much so that it has established itself … Read more