Parcoursup: Louis-le-Grand high school opens a CPES with PSL university

Parcoursup Louis le Grand high school opens a CPES with PSL university

The CPES of Louis-le-Grand high school and PSL university is offered for the first time on Parcoursup. This two-year course will interest graduates attracted by the humanities and sciences. The Lycée Louis-le-Grand is opening a new course. An extremely rare event for this historic institution on the Sainte-Geneviève mountain. The Collegium Ludovici Magni or “College … Read more

OpenText CEO Explains Micro Focus Acquisition

OpenText CEO Explains Micro Focus Acquisition

OpenText’s growth will experience a boost with the closing, expected shortly, of the acquisition procedure for the British publisher Micro Focus. OpenText will spend no less than $6 billion to integrate a company almost as big as it. In 2021, OpenText posted sales of $3.5 billion; Micro Focus $2.9 billion. However, the possible synergies … Read more

A versatile robot dog runs on the sandy beach at 3 meters per second

Un bras de precision pour robots miniatures Actualites Intelligence

KAIST (Chairman Kwang Hyung Lee) announced on the 25th that a research team led by Professor Jemin Hwangbo from the Department of Mechanical Engineering has developed a quadruped robot control technology that can walk nimbly even on rough terrain. deformable such as a sandy beach. Professor Hwangbo’s research team has developed a technology to model … Read more

ChatGPT worries Amazon: the firm warns its employees

ChatGPT worries Amazon the firm warns its employees

ChatGPT gives Amazon cold sweats. The e-commerce giant has realized that many employees use the chatbot as an assistant… putting the firm’s internal data at risk. Amazon is freaking out about ChatGPT. In an internal memo intercepted by our colleagues from Business Insider, a lawyer for the group urges employees not to communicate confidential information … Read more

Interactivity & security: the challenges of corporate communication in 2023

Interactivity security the challenges of corporate communication in 2023

In 2023, innovations to improve business communications will focus on four main themes: AI, security, meeting interactivity and telephony. AI will support employees in their work The applications of artificial intelligence in the world of work are multiplying, and this trend will continue in 2023. AI will help make meetings more interactive, freeing employees from … Read more

McKinsey buys start-up Iguazio, its first Israeli acquisition

1674573349 McKinsey buys start up Iguazio its first Israeli acquisition

McKinsey & Co. has acquired Israeli real-time data analytics startup Iguazio for an undisclosed sum, marking the international consulting firm’s first acquisition in Israel. McKinsey plans to use Iguazio’s machine learning platform to enable businesses and organizations to deploy and manage artificial intelligence (AI) applications and integrate them into real-time decision-making across all areas of … Read more

Clarifruit will present in Berlin the first software in the world capable of automatically identifying anomalies

Clarifruit will present in Berlin the first software in the

Clarifruit will proudly share the brand new features of its AI-driven Quality Control (QC) platform, and the world’s first automatic fresh produce quality control app and software solution. Clarifruit’s goal is to empower the entire fresh produce value chain, from growers and marketers to wholesalers and retailers, with a standardized language and objective data to … Read more

Cloudera, a hybrid data company, today unveils its cloud trend predictions for 2023

Cloudera a hybrid data company today unveils its cloud trend

#1 More pragmatism on the budget to focus on innovative projects In 2023, one of the main objectives of digital transformation projects is to reduce costs. The search for savings has the advantage of allowing a more strategic reallocation of the budget and the pursuit of truly innovative projects for the company. Among the strategies … Read more