14th General Assembly of the Rectors’ Conference of the Middle East Region | Libnanews, The Citizen Media of Lebanon

14th General Assembly of the Rectors Conference of the Middle

The Conference of Rectors of the Middle East Region (CONFREMO) held its 14th General assembly on November 17, 2022, at La Sagesse University in Beirut. Co-organized by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophoniethis meeting, which brought together about fifty participants, allowed fruitful exchanges between the leaders of the member establishments and a reflection on the … Read more

How to measure the carbon impact of AI? This start-up thinks it has found the solution

How to measure the carbon impact of AI This start up

Large Language Models (LLM) have a well-kept secret: their development and operation require large amounts of energy. Furthermore, the true extent of the carbon footprint of these models remains a mystery. The start-up Hugging Face thinks it has found a way to calculate this footprint more accurately by estimating the emissions produced during the entire … Read more

AGIR days in Nice, Padam Mobility present » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

Memorizer the super app to remember everything PACAs economic and

Padam Mobility present at the AGIR Days, the meeting place for mobility professionals from Tuesday 22 to Thursday 24 November at Nice Acropolis at stand 3B. Elisabeth Portelli, TàD manager of the Icilà de Envibus service operated by the Sophia Antipolis Agglomeration Community (CASA), will be present at the Padam Mobility stand on Wednesday November … Read more

Luxury: the 3 days when LVMH will ramp up in the use of Data

Luxury the 3 days when LVMH will ramp up in

Data disrupts all universes. From November 14 to 16, LVMH, the world leader in luxury, is organizing 3 face-to-face days during its “LVMH Data Summit” intended to accelerate the proper use of data by its teams in its 75 Houses – the group’s various brands known internationally as Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Bulgari, Christian Dior, Givenchy, … Read more

The Best Online Services to Use on a Chromebook

The Best Online Services to Use on a Chromebook

Chromebooks have been part of the digital economy for a few years now. Mainly used for personal use, they have become widely available in French homes, particularly in 2020 and 2021, due to their affordable price, their minimalist design and the proliferation of online services and Android applications, which allow have all the necessary tools. … Read more

The CIO, the future conductor of a unified digital strategy (Gartner)

At its Barcelona IT Symposium, Gartner unveiled the results of a survey of 2,203 CIOs from 81 countries. As every year, it is a question of analyzing their priorities and their investments in 2023. In total, the firm predicts that these CIOs will spend $322 billion on IT in 2023. The 780 CIOs from … Read more

La messagerie Signal veut faire barrage aux ‘dangers’ de la surveillance | Zone bourse

In Canada the government is betting on 5G without debate

numérique PARIS (awp/afp) – Il faut en finir avec le modèle économique dominant dans les nouvelles technologies fondé sur la surveillance des utilisateurs et permettre à chacun de “communiquer de manière privée”, affirme à l’AFP Meredith Whittaker, nouvelle présidente de la messagerie Signal. Cette spécialiste de l’éthique de l’intelligence artificielle, ex-cheffe d’équipe chez Google, est … Read more

EU awards Jean Monnet EUDEFENCE Chair in European Security and Defense at Nebrija University

Atos wins a contract in the Netherlands

The escalation of tensions in Europe caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the problem of European energy dependence, hybrid warfare, the use of cyber technology for disinformation, artificial intelligence and militarization space are only the spearhead of a new international geopolitical restructuring in which concepts such as security and defense are evolving by … Read more

Un rseau d’IA dtecte l’ivresse en valuant les images infrarouges des visages humains, avec une prcision de 93 %,

1655160996 Un ingenieur de Google pense que le chatbot IA LaMDA

Les chercheurs Kha Tu Huynh et Huynh Phuong Thanh Nguyen, de l’universit nationale du Vit Nam Ho Chi Minh-Ville ont dvelopp une intelligence artificielle (IA) capable de dtecter l’ivresse en valuant les images infrarouges des visages humains avec une prcision de 93 %. Ce qui, selon certains analystes, contrairement la police humaine, ne serait pas … Read more