Soldes : les meilleures offres à petit prix chez Rue du Commerce font dérailler la concurrence !

1674313750 Soldes les meilleures offres a petit prix chez Rue

Les soldes d’hiver poursuivent leur bout de chemin chez Rue du Commerce en continuant de descendre les prix de la tech. Ainsi, PC portables gamer, composants électroniques, TV 4K, accessoires connectés… on trouve absolument des promos partout chez Rue du Commerce ! Rue du Commerce participe aux soldes d’hiver et attaque la concurrence avec des … Read more

Saint-Brieuc – Commerce in downtown Saint-Brieuc: the strategy of the municipality seen by artificial intelligence ChatGPT

Saint Brieuc Commerce in downtown Saint Brieuc the strategy of the

It’s the “hype ” from the moment.ChatGPT , the “conversational agent” based on artificial intelligence developed by the Californian start-up OpenAI, “would know everything”, would be “capable of doing everything”, and even of “finding a solution to any problem”. We therefore asked him: “How to solve the problems of small businesses, observed since at least … Read more

Screening, treatment: AI is treating us more and more

1674209969 Screening treatment AI is treating us more and more

Surgical aid from machines, connected prostheses… AI is taking up more and more space in the world of health. Through the study of genomics (discipline of modern biology, by designing a digital twin, unique (fully personalized) solutions and treatments can be given. Such progressions essentially exist through the design of deep-learning algorithms. The major strength … Read more

How to delete WhatsApp messages? – The Tech Review

How to delete WhatsApp messages The Tech Review

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It is used to communicate with friends, family members and co-workers. Sometimes we send a message that we later regret. Fortunately, WhatsApp offers options to delete these messages. Discover in this content the options available to delete WhatsApp messages for yourself and for … Read more

Mobileye bets on robot taxis to solve traffic jams – i24NEWS – I24NEWS

Mobileye bets on robot taxis to solve traffic jams

“We will deploy between 100 and 150 robot taxis in 2023 in Israel and in a number of cities in Europe as a full-scale test” Everyone now knows Mobileye, the Israeli company behind the in-vehicle camera technology that saves lives every second around the world. Nothing expresses the incredible success of this Israeli flagship better … Read more

The sound reconstruction by “Le Monde” of the call of June 18 intrigues the British media

1674157978 The sound reconstruction by Le Monde of the call of

Photo taken in 1940 in London of General de Gaulle talking to an unknown officer. (Photo by AFP) STF / AFP To finish its one hour diary between 5 p.m. The world. “In this program, we really like to be interested in everything that comes from artificial intelligence”, explains the presenter, Evan Davis. To interest … Read more

Thanks to AI, a Wi-Fi network can spy on you through walls

1674123273 Thanks to AI a Wi Fi network can spy on you

With a few cheap Wi-Fi routers and some artificial intelligence, it’s possible to spy on someone through the walls of their house. We explain how it works. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a monitoring system based on Wi-Fi signals. This device is able to determine position and movements human bodies in real time, … Read more

ChatGPT: artificial intelligence not so brilliant?

ChatGPT artificial intelligence not so brilliant

ChatGPT, this artificial intelligence whose efficiency is shaking the academic world, is far from flawless, according to the findings of several Internet users. • Read also: Is artificial intelligence threatening our libraries? • Read also: GPT chat: “we only see the tip of the iceberg”, according to an expert Users, who have documented their exchanges … Read more

The Ethical Advantages and Disadvantages of AI Generating Art – In Question

1674088586 The Ethical Advantages and Disadvantages of AI Generating Art

Generating art using AI engines is fun and exciting when you think about how this technology is transforming the art industry, but there are also many issues to consider. Here are the ethical pros and cons of AI art generation to keep in mind when playing DALL-E or Midjourney. It’s up to you if you … Read more