Theft in supermarkets has a cost: “148 euros per household and per year”

Theft in supermarkets has a cost 148 euros per household

the essential In-store theft, also called by professionals “unknown markdown”, represents billions of euros in losses for French retailers. A phenomenon whose first victims are consumers. Explanations. According to a “Retail Security in Europe” study, conducted in 2019 by Crime & Tech, thefts in stores cost French distributors 7.3 billion euros in 2017. A figure … Read more

EXCLUSIF : Yann LeCun (Meta) explore la frontière énergétique de l’apprentissage profond

EXCLUSIF Yann LeCun Meta explore la frontiere energetique de lapprentissage

Les modèles dits « énergétiques », qui empruntent des concepts à la physique statistique, pourraient déboucher sur des formes d’apprentissage profond permettant de faire des prédictions, explique Yann LeCun, responsable scientifique de Meta. Il y a 30 ans, Yann LeCun, alors qu’il travaillait aux Bell Labs, formalisait une approche du machine learning appelée « réseaux neuronaux convolutifs » (Convolutional Neural … Read more

MIT researchers have trained an artificial intelligence model that quickly predicts how two proteins will attach

MIT researchers have trained an artificial intelligence model that quickly

Antibodies, small proteins produced by the immune system, can attach to specific parts of a virus to neutralize it. Thus, to fight against Covid-19, laboratories have made vaccines but have also been interested in synthetic antibodies which, by binding to the advanced proteins of the virus, can prevent the virus from entering a human cell. … Read more

Beewise attracts $80 million investment for robotic hives

1648863451 Beewise attracts 80 million investment for robotic hives

Beewise, an Israeli beekeeping technology startup, has raised $80 million in investment for its automated solution to save bee populations around the world, the company announced on Wednesday. Insight Partners, a New York-headquartered private equity firm that has invested in a number of Israeli companies, led this Series C funding – along with investors such … Read more

The Hydrus autonomous underwater drone, the eyes and ears of oceanographers

1648845715 The Hydrus autonomous underwater drone the eyes and ears of

Picture: Advanced Navigation. Australian company Advanced Navigation, which specializes in artificial intelligence (AI)-based navigation hardware, has developed a fully autonomous underwater drone designed to help researchers and scientists overcome the obstacles they typically face. when collecting underwater images and data. The drone, dubbed Hydrus, is a plug-and-play system with an AI-powered sonar navigation system that … Read more

Board games: How AI will revolutionize the concept

1648828220 Board games How AI will revolutionize the concept

What if an artificial intelligence slipped around the table to lead a board game and revive the interest of games with friends or family? It is the idea of ​​Xplored which launches Teburu, a hybrid game system that is both physical and connected. Since mid-March, a new fundraising campaign on Kickstarter has presented its new … Read more

Massive Growth of Global Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems Market During 2022-2029: Key Players IBM, Microsoft, Google

Massive Growth of Global CognitiveArtificial Intelligence Systems Market During 2022 2029

New study on Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems Market offers information standard on the global cognitive/artificial intelligence systems market 2022-2029 in terms of revenue, production share, consumption is estimated to increase at a massive rate over the forecasted period. The Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems market report covers a set of essential parameters such as sales/demand analysis, pricing structure, … Read more

Tech will make future jobs more ‘creative’

Tech will make future jobs more creative Reuters News

In Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of the future, most forms of daily work could require more imagination. In a recent episode of the “Lex Fridman Podcast,” hosted by MIT computer scientist Lex Fridman, the founder and CEO of Meta said that as modern technology continues to expand, tech-enabled jobs will increasingly dominate. more and more the … Read more

Implement a customer-centric approach

Implement a customer centric approach

Financial institutions need to better understand customer behavior and sentiment. With businesses around the world having been forced to transform overnight from the onset of the pandemic, the service and satisfaction of customers of banks and financial services institutions have become the new battleground for them. Today’s customers expect organizations to understand their growing needs … Read more