Artificial intelligence at the service of agriculture – Cameroon Radio Television

Artificial intelligence at the service of agriculture Cameroon Radio

This was the main issue of a spatial reflection held on September 29 in Yaoundé. This was the very first session of the Higher Cycle of Training in Computer Intelligence and New Space in Africa (CSIANA), placed under the theme: “Sustainable land management and responsible agriculture with artificial intelligence and New Space”. Importance of artificial … Read more

Samsara deciphers the advantages of digitization for companies

Comment lapprentissage automatique peut accelerer les solutions aux defis de

samsaracloud specialist supporting companies in the exploitation of digital data, delivers the figures of The State of Connected Operations 2022, its survey aimed at understanding the interest for companies managing physical operations (logistics, distribution, consumer goods) to digitize. The study was conducted by interviewing 1,500 companies worldwide, including 200 French. As a result, the more … Read more

Le gouvernement US dveloppe une technologie d’IA pour dmasquer les crivains anonymes, voquant entre autres le suivi des campagnes de dsinformation et d’autres activits malveillantes en ligne

1655160996 Un ingenieur de Google pense que le chatbot IA LaMDA

La branche de recherche de la communaut du renseignement se prpare dvelopper de nouveaux systmes d’intelligence artificielle capables d’identifier qui ou quoi est l’auteur d’un texte spcifique et, d’un autre ct, des systmes avancs ciblant des fonctionnalits pour protger la vie prive des auteurs. Cet effort, de ce que nous en pensons, est potentiellement rvolutionnaire … Read more

ACHETER-LOUER.FR, Signature of a partnership with, the alternative to the security deposit

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

PARIS, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The ACHETER-LOUER.FR group, specialist in digital marketing solutions and data in real estate and housing, announces that it has signed a commercial partnership with the start-up, which offers a solution to replace the deposit of guarantee for the rental of real estate by Zero Deposit insurance. Founded in … Read more estimates the value of a property via aerial imagery

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

September 29, 2022 Today at 02:00 The Brussels start-up has modeled in 3D all the buildings located on Belgian soil. By cross-referencing the data, it remotely estimates the value of real estate. The Brussels start-up specializes in the mapping of buildings. By cross-referencing data from multiple public and private sources, it is able to … Read more

Star Wars: how will AI replace Darth Vader’s voice? –

Star Wars how will AI replace Darth Vaders voice

Following the retirement of voice actor James Earl Jones, Darth Vader’s voice will now be generated by an AI. For the continuation of the Star Wars saga, Lucasfilm has decided to exploit the Ukrainian software Respeecher allowing to clone a voice… For 45 years, James Earl Jones has lent his voice to the iconic Star … Read more

SailPoint Unveils “The Horizons of Identity” Research Report

SailPoint Unveils The Horizons of Identity Research Report

SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc., specialists in enterprise identity security, has released the findings of a new research report titled “The Horizons of Identity”. With hyper innovation and rapidly changing technologies driving global organizations, mature identity programs are becoming essential to secure and enable digital capabilities at scale. The survey data, based on observations from more … Read more

Text-to-Pokémon: this brilliant AI lets you create your Pokémon

Text to Pokemon this brilliant AI lets you create your Pokemon

Text-to-Pokémon is an AI for creating Pokémon from text. It is possible to enter the name of a character, a celebrity or even a physical description to let the artificial intelligence generate pocket monsters in the style of the famous Nintendo franchise. Find out everything you need to know about this awesome tool, and how … Read more

AI will not replace human-supervised ESG analysis

AI will not replace human supervised ESG analysis

Rachida Mourahib of ODDO BHF underlines the contribution of technologies such as artificial intelligence to process data but also their limits. The assessment of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria requires the processing of a considerable amount of data, which is added to the analysis of key financial figures. How is it possible to process … Read more

Pasteurdon 2022: Sars-Cov-2, a virus that hijacks our neural network

Comment lapprentissage automatique peut accelerer les solutions aux defis de

The transversality of the knowledge and tools available is very important to advance research. It is particularly illustrated with this Covid-19 pandemic for which many discoveries on other viruses allow us to better characterize Sars-Cov-2. Move like on a network of highways, or send remote signals to the central nervous system like a telecommunications network… … Read more