Elfsight widget for embedding Instagram on your website in 1-2-3!

It is useful for everyone who does business on the Internet to know what an Instagram widget is and how to embed it on a website correctly. There is no ready-made solution by the official Instagram developers, so you need to look for other options. But first, let’s figure out why you even might need an Instagram feed installed on a website?

You might have noticed that some sites place their beautiful Instagram profiles at the bottom of the page with stunning photos and a call-to-action for everyone to subscribe to their profiles. Here are the main benefits you you can get after inserting an Instagram profile on a website:

  • Grow the number of followers on Instagram
  • Increase time people spend on a web page
  • Add beautiful content that decorates a site
  • Boost engagement
  • Raise social trust if your posts contain great reviews

If you want to get effective content on your site and accurately embed it there, read the article.

What is Instagram Feed widget for a website

By creating a website, developers try to save their money and time where it’s possible. Facebook offers all website owners to use an official widget for inserting the app content on their web pages. Instagram did not follow the example of this social network, so you will need to find a ready-made tool by some developers. The word widget means “device”, “thing”, but most people nowadays use it to refer to a small application that performs some auxiliary function on the site.

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Instagram feed widget by Elfsight is one of the best solutions that allows website owners to cut costs and put less effort into putting Instagram to the web page. It gives an opportunity to create an Instagram window in seconds with the help of a visual editor. The process is simple:

  1. Choose a ready-made template.
  2. Customize it the way you wish.
  3. Get a two-line installation code.
  4. Insert it into the backend of your website.

You can create your own Instagram Feed and embed it in any website for free!

Here’s how easy it is. Let’s look through the process in greater detail.

Choosing a template is easy, we won’t stop on this step for long. It’s only good to mention that you select a model concerning your website design, however, if you change your mind, you can totally customize it further the way you wish.

You can customize Instagram widget based on your wishes for the appearance of the website. For instance, you can adjust the width of the block, the display format of photos, their number, choose the colors of graphic elements. Optionally, you can change the header and brief information about the account at the top of the section.

Here are the main elements of Instagram Feed widget:

  • Instagram icon
  • title
  • profile photo
  • profile statistics
  • button to go to the profile page
  • clickable photos
  • configurable number of photos (total number and how many to display per line)
  • rubber design and auto-scaling of photos depending on the desired width of the widget
  • displaying photos by hashtag
  • insert widget in HTML code
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All the elements are switchable (which means you can hide and show them) and totally customizable. You can create an Instagram gallery in the colors and sizes that perfectly match the overall design of your website.

Elfsight Instagram widget allows you to add Instagram photos to your site in any convenient way: by hashtag, URL, username, or any combination of sources. For you to carefully select photos for your widget, we thought of two types of filters: exclusion of the source or display only for the specified sources.

Embed Instagram widget on site

There are two main methods of adding Instagram Feed to the website content: create your gallery with official API or create and add the feed with the help of a widget. 

Using Instagram API


  • It’s free
  • You know how your widget works because you’ve created it yourself


  • Creation takes SO LONG
  • Requires strong programming knowledge

Using a widget


  • It’s free for a certain number of views
  • Creation requires just several minutes 
  • Demands no programming knowledge
  • Tons of customizable templates
  • All the elements are totally customizable
  • Installation into HTML code

Moreover, installation is as easy as 1-2-3! In general, you should create an HTML section on your website through a site builder or CMS. You can do it through the admin panel or after opening the backend of the site template. Below, you can find the process for embedding an Instagram Feed in WordPress. You can embed Instagram Feed similarly to any other CMS and site builder, the logic is the same.

  1. Authorize in the WordPress admin panel.
  2. Open the “Appearance” -> “Widgets” tab.
  3. Drag text block from the “Available Widgets” section into one of the containers on the right.
  4. Fill in the Instagram widget settings fields at the top of the page, specify an account or a hashtag to show photos, click “Generate embed code” and copy it.
  5. Insert the code into the text field and save.
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Similarly, you can add Instagram content to any CMS, like Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, Weebly, Wix. No matter which platform you use, if there’s an opportunity to insert HTML code there, you’ll be able to paste the installation code of the Instagram Feed widget. You can learn how to embed Instagram Gallery in any platform in an article by Elfsight. Anyway, if you come across any difficulties with installation, you can always contact the Elfsight support center. 

As you can see, everything is extremely simple. As a result of simple actions, an attractive widget appears on your site, which contains thumbnails, a link to your account on this social network, a subscriber counter and other useful elements. Make sure that its design is in harmony with the design of your site, and you can surely count on the growth of user engagement.

Try an Instagram widget by Elfsight for free!