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Throughout September, protests swirled outside Google offices in New York, Seattle and Durham, North Carolina. The reason for the challenge was always the same: the use of its artificial intelligence as part of a contract with the Israeli government. The Nimbus Project, concluded in April 2021 for a budget of 1.2 billion dollars in collaboration with Amazon, plans to help several ministries to carry out certain operations in the Cloud. Unacceptable for some Google employees, who see it as an attack on one of the group’s original reasons for being: “Don’t be evil” – do not do evil.

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For the past year, the Mountain View giant has been increasing its incursions into military activities. In December, he could be chosen by the Pentagon to carry out the migration of its systems to the cloud. The project, which also puts Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle in competition, is estimated at more than 9 billion dollars over five years. It replaces the “JEDI” project which had been canceled in July 2021 by Amazon for not having been put in competition. Code name: Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability (JWCC).

In this battle at the top, Google has played its best cards. In June, the company inaugurated a new entity dedicated to public procurement, Public Sector, and appointed Karen Dahut, a former US Navy officer, to take over its management. Its mission: to catch up on Microsoft (Azure) and Amazon (AWS), better introduced to the administration. First step, the company obtained IL4 certification, to process and store sensitive data in the United States. An essential step to win big contracts.

In good intelligence, Google already collaborates with the American army in support missions: the US Navy uses its artificial intelligence software to detect the corrosion of its boats; the US Air Force, to train its pilots and oversee the maintenance of its aircraft. The group has so far refrained from using its technologies in surveillance or control projects. But it has recently taken on the task of developing its own services in security and cyber.

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AI: Google tears itself apart over the military issue – Teller Report

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