Aircall expands into Spain to attract European R&D talent

It was Thursday, October 6, 2022, Aircall inaugurated its new offices in Madrid. An announcement that materializes Aircall’s internationalization plans, and which consolidates its presence in Spain.

Aircall counts on Madrid for the opening of its R&D center

The French start-up will be able to establish its presence on the continent, opening an engineering office in Madrid which will house 80 talents focused on R&D. A trajectory that presents to Century Digital Jonathan Anguelov, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Aircall.

“With the COVID, we could have taken the tangent to reduce the airfoil and recruit everywhere internationally with remote talents, as many have done. Rather, we said to ourselves that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to our historical skill pools, which are our centers in France and New York. But rather to capitalize on our commercial forces, and from there Madrid came quite naturally, the city being very famous for hosting an R&D center”.

Founded in 2014, Aircall develops a cloud telephony solution for companies. Its strong point is its catalog of integrations with many daily professional tools. Whether on the commercial or customer service side, Aircall has succeeded in integrating itself as well into Salesforce, hubspot or Zendesk; what to Slack, Intercom and other business software. Having raised more than $226 million since its creation, the startup already enjoys global reach through offices in Paris, London, Berlin, New York and Sydney.

The one who became the 16th French unicorn in June 2021 sees Spain as a land conducive to her growth. Fifteen months after raising 120 million eurosthe opening of the Madrid office seems obvious to the CEO of Aircall, Michael Haske. “Spain is a strategic market. With technology as the national driver of economic growth, the speed at which businesses are going digital, and the unstoppable rates of investment and adoption of SaaS solutions, the country has a perfect ecosystem for Aircall. If we add to this the quality of their tech talents, our development in Spain is a completely logical step in our internationalization.”he presents in the press release released for the occasion.

Aircall is showing significant growth of 102% in Spain in 2021, attracting interest from companies in the travel, finance, education and technology sectors. Spain is the 6th market in terms of turnover for Aircall. We are starting with 80 people but the ambition is to consolidate an R&D center of several hundred people there quickly”develops Jonathan Anguelov.

Jonathan Anguelov, co-founder of Aircall

Jonathan Anguelov, co-founder of Aircall. Photography: Aircall.

AI in upcoming product releases

Developing a cloud tool, Aircall is among its startups whose core business has come to the fore as the COVID pandemic has forced many companies to work remotely. With the democratization of telework, the digitization of professional processes has taken a step forward. “COVID affected us, it made us lose a term. But it also pushed the market towards more digitalization. It has matured and is attracting a new typology of customers: more traditional companies, which were lagging behind in digital and are ready to take the plunge. There is a real transition from on-premise to the cloud. That’s why we grew up so fast.”.

To feed a growing customer base, Aircall wants to continue to focus on the technology of its solution. By relying in particular on artificial intelligence. “We have a whole AI subject that is being born, which should be published by the end of the year. The objective is to accompany the human in the transcription of calls, to do research, to be able to find feeling in conversations, this kind of elements. Our strategy is to be dominant on the market, we want to continue to evangelize it by having an important integration strategy. It means becoming the telephony tool for companies that integrates with the business tools they already use”.

An AI-oriented technological trajectory, therefore. Aircall is far from the only company going this route. A market trend that is found both at the level physical points of salethat at the military level with this recent announcement of the French army sequipping AI to process its satellite data. A man-machine collaboration that has one goal: to develop the efficiency of those who equip themselves with these cutting-edge technological tools. When we talk to Jonathan Anguelov about efficiency, he brings us back to the hoped-for trajectory of Aircall in the months and years to come.

“We have a project at Aircall, it’s efficient-growth. That’s to say continue to grow rapidly, while satisfying our customers, but profitably and with minimal capital requirements. It means spending less, and better, and getting out of the model of many startups which always consume more funds as they expand their palette. Conversely, we want to become a very efficient box, very focused on its growth without sacrificing our profitability and our customer satisfaction”.

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Aircall expands into Spain to attract European R&D talent

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