Artificial Intelligence: Esker continues to innovate in the service of the automation of business processes with the obtaining of a new patent in the United States | Market area

LYON, March 28, 2022 — Esker, global cloud platform ofautomation of management cycles which values ​​the professions of finance and customer service, announces today obtaining a patent with the US Patent & Trademark Office for its technology for automating the cutting of document batches.

As part of the automation of supplier invoice processing, scanning paper invoices remains a tedious task for accounting teams. In business, these documents are generally digitized in batches to produce a single file, containing a succession of invoices, themselves consisting of one or more pages. Therefore, how to individually identify each invoice from this unique file? Every day, too many company employees waste precious time individually and manually identifying each invoice. A task without added value, mind-numbing but nevertheless necessary. This is precisely the problem that Esker is addressing with this newly patented artificial intelligence technology.

This new patent filing is part of the overall strategy of investment in Research & Development that Esker initiated more than 10 years ago. Seemingly simple, automating the cutting of documentary batches by an AI required Esker more than a year of research on neural networks. Fully operational and perfectly reliable, there is now no doubt that AI can (finally!) tackle the recurring, time-consuming and tedious tasks of the back office. By investing in these technologies, Esker accelerates the processing of supplier invoices to improve the supplier relationship and increase the productivity and satisfaction of accounting teams by freeing them from low value-added tasks.

“This new technology perfectly reflects Esker’s expertise in the field of artificial intelligence. It allows companies to streamline their business processes, reduce the risk of error and increase efficiency. In concrete terms, this innovation eliminates hours devoted to the manual management of documentary batches and thus contributes to improving payment times.It is part of our objective of simplifying business flows by facilitating the management of invoices, without disrupting the processes of established collaboration with suppliers and customers.” says Jean-Jacques Bérard, Esker’s Vice President of Research and Development.

“Innovation is an integral part of Esker’s DNA. Without revealing our areas of research, we are awaiting the validation of two other patents on our AI engine with the USPTO. The effort focus on automation technologies is one of the keys to our success. At a time when finance departments play an increasingly central role in the digital transformation of companies, it is essential to allow them to focus on the missions most strategic. Automation makes it possible to put business and human issues back at the center of business priorities.” says Jean-Michel Bérard, Chairman of the Management Board of Esker.

This technology is available across all Esker solutions.
USPTO : US Patent & Trademark Office


A world leader in solutions for automating Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash management cycles, Esker enhances the financial and customer service departments of companies and strengthens inter-company cooperation. The Esker cloud platform makes it possible to animate a virtuous ecosystem with its customers and suppliers.
Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Esker’s solutions help to increase productivity and improve visibility on its activity, while strengthening collaboration with its customers, suppliers and employees.
A French ETI headquartered in Lyon, Esker is present in Europe, North America, Asia/Pacific and South America. Listed on Euronext GrowthTM in Paris (ISIN Code FR0000035818), the company generated 133.7 million euros in revenue in 2021, two thirds of which was international.

Artificial Intelligence Esker continues to innovate in the service of

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Artificial Intelligence: Esker continues to innovate in the service of the automation of business processes with the obtaining of a new patent in the United States | Market area

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