Artificial Intelligence: vector of business transformation and new professions

Artificial Intelligence at the heart of expert systems

So-called Artificial Intelligence (AI) combines several essential technologies and disciplines to develop expert systems which, in terms of performance, surpass human or rational intelligence to process data, sort, analyze, deduce, decide. It is now in a phase of development and considerable progress thanks to four vectors linked to developments in Data Science, the increase in computing capacities and network capacities, progress in algorithms and the Cloud. Computing that allows to intensify the use and storage of data. It is a very powerful discipline for transforming technological systems.

From aeronautics to banking, from robotics to energy: data is everywhere

The application sectors are extremely varied, both in everyday use: smartphone, facial recognition, intelligent assistant, video games, in industrial fields and all sectors of the economy, robotics, intelligent cockpit, autonomous vehicles. Data is everywhere and weighs heavily: 1.2 billion dollars of investment in France in 2019 and more than 10 times this amount in the United States on the same date*.

Skills to support companies in their transformation

AI has no borders and recruitment in France and abroad is under pressure. A study* highlights a 40% increase in recruitment in AI and Data in France in 2020. There is strong demand for high-level scientific profiles justifying solid knowledge in applied mathematics and computer science, in cognitive sciences in order to meet needs in the fields of aeronautics and space, health, finance, etc. The AI ​​sector also recruits professionals with a solid culture in this field, responsible for supporting companies in their transformation, working on operations, managing projects involving these technologies.

To provide companies with engineers able to meet their needs, ISAE-SUPAERO offers a Specialized Master® to validate a professional certification. The objective: the acquisition and development of technical skills associated with aspects of data enhancement, mastery of strategies for their enhancement and the project management approach.

Open to various profiles, to young graduates Bac +4 with professional experience, bac + 5, experienced professionals, this training is oriented in terms of employment towards positions of:

Project managers in AI and data sciences,

- Responsible for the transformation of the company by data,

- Responsible for data valorization

- data scientist

- Data Evangelist…

Deployment and transformation by AI is their mission and the challenge for companies. The Specialized Master® Artificial Intelligence & Business Transformation also offers an alternating rhythm to maximize your operational skills!

*Source: Study Michael Page 2021 “Humans behind artificial intelligence”


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Artificial Intelligence: vector of business transformation and new professions

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