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While many business schools offer a rather generalist first year, at SKEMA, it is possible to experiment with new disciplines from L3 and explore subjects as diverse as geopolitics, finance or artificial intelligence.

The first year in business school can be frustrating for many prep students. Lack of stimulation, challenges, courses that are too general… SKEMA has chosen to give you the opportunity to explore various subjects as soon as you enter the school, with tracks. Do you want to fully live your associative commitment, discover the world or start training in finance? SKEMA is the school for you!

For Denis Boissin, Director of the Grande École Program at SKEMA, these courses serve above all to allow students to discover sectors and acquire cross-disciplinary skills, long before senior year. “Our students already have favorite subjects and these tracks allow them to feed their intellectual thirst. The student can really build his course. They can taste a subject and decide to change it the following year.”

The tracks first year at SKEMA

SKEMA offers many tracks to its students from the second semester of the first year. Today, you can customize your journey with ten different specializations. If you want to take advantage of your associative commitment, you will have the possibility of choosing the course SKale-up Student-clubs. Accompanied by experts, you will also be able to develop skills in leadership, management, project management…

But that’s not all ! At SKEMA, it is possible, from the first year, to begin to explore subjects that are at the heart of the transformation of society and organizations, like the course Artificial Intelligence for Managers or track Business Environmental and Social Transformers (BEST). Thanks to these courses, you will be able to become fully involved in the digital and environmental transitions of companies.

Are you passionate about finance? Within SKEMA, you will have the opportunity to explore this universe from the first year of the PGE thanks to the course Finance & Quants. If you prefer auditing, do not hesitate to turn to specialization Accounting and Auditing.

SKEMA’s new routes

This year, SKEMA has decided to offer more tracks to its students to allow them to experience more subjects. The school has strengthened and structured its associative course. “We don’t manage employees like we manage volunteers. Similarly, accounting is not the same for a company and for an association. With this course, we decline all the subjects of the common core, applied to the associative world. It is an ideal track for those who want to work in NGOs”, says Denis Boissin.

The other great novelty that will please those who loved this subject in prep: geopolitics. With the opening of a school dedicated to SKEMA, a new track on this subject has emerged. His ambition? Give the keys to anticipate the world and the impact of its evolutions on companies. Among SKEMA’s ten first-year courses, you will also find other trackssuch as the one dedicated to law: Legal environment of the company.

With Major Issues, you will explore major economic, geopolitical and sociological issues. You can also opt for the course Consiliencewhich, from L3, allows you to try your hand at writing articles and sharpen your critical thinking thanks to a collaboration with the Collège de France.

Do one or more of these courses appeal to you? Know that no selectivity is deployed at the entrance to these tracks. If you want to learn about finance, you will necessarily have your place.

And it is not a simple elective: these courses constitute 25% of the academic course and complete the teaching of the fundamentals of management, languages ​​and other immersive educational activities. But rest assured, you will also have time to fully engage in community life!

Take-off for the international from L3

Do you want to steer your career internationally? The specialization to choose is “International Mobility”. SKEMA has a campus in Brazil (Belo Horizonte), the United States (Raleigh), China (Suzhou) and South Africa (Stellenbosch). With this specialization, you have the opportunity to explore several SKEMA campuses.

The advantage of the presence of these campuses abroad is the supervision that SKEMA offers to students. You will be accompanied before and during your international mobility. Teachers will introduce you to the local culture to fully immerse you in your host country. The immersion will be completed by the presence of local students and of all nationalities on these campuses. This mobility on the SKEMA campuses is not subject to any place quota: it is therefore guaranteed and without additional tuition fees!

The tracks of SKEMA, the asset to find the best internships

Specializing in the first year offers many advantages. The first is to be able to discover a profession and a universe very early in one’s career. This is an asset that appeals to companies and provides access to a very high-level gap-year internship. Indeed, the tracks take place from the second semester of the first year to the first semester of the second year. You will therefore be able to easily find a professional experience in the sector of your dreams. “Today, students on the BEST track all find internships in sustainable development or CSR, because they already have the keys to understanding these issues.”, specifies Denis Boissin.

These courses also open the doors to MS or MSc which will offer you the possibility of further specializing in the sector of your choice and even of obtaining a double degree. Nevertheless, as the director of the PGE indicates, these tracks don’t lock yourself into one path. “These are not pre-specializations, but they offer the foundations of transversal skills which will then be put to good use with vertical expertise. Students on the BEST course can very well specialize in marketing or finance. I have the example of a student who took the track in IA, then chose to go to the HR sector. Today, he uses AI to transform recruitment.

The objective of the tracks? Make you aware of new subjects to allow you to discover sectors and obtain the best possible internships. With this redesigned first year, you will participate in the transformation of professions and companies.

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At SKEMA, a first year like no other – Major-Prépa

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