Automotive: Tesla deliveries are on the rise again

Tesla shipments picked up again in the third quarter. Between July and September, the American electric car manufacturer delivered a total of 343,830 vehicles, an increase of more than 42% compared to the same period last year and nearly 35% compared to the second quarter. If the quarter shows the return of an increase, they remain however in the low range of analysts’ forecasts which counted on a number of deliveries of between 343,000 and 370,000 deliveries.

The group also experienced an increase in its production, which reached 365,923 vehicles (+54% over one year) in the third quarter, up nearly 42% compared to the second quarter, but recognizes that it is ” increasingly difficult to ensure the necessary transport capacities “. Tesla hopes to circumvent transportation difficulties by having “ a more balanced distribution of production between the different regions », especially since the opening of two additional factories at the beginning of the year, in Berlin and Austin, Texas.

In the pipes, a construction of a lithium refinery in Texas

In Austin, the manufacturer plans to build a lithium refinery. Tesla says it wants process raw ore and make it usable for the production of batteries “. The finished product, battery-grade lithium hydroxide, will be shipped by road and rail to various Tesla battery manufacturing sites in the United States. If it sees the light of day, this factory will be, according to Tesla, the first of its kind in North America. Its construction could begin in the last quarter of 2022 and commercial activity will start there from the end of 2024. Tesla’s project comes against a backdrop of soaring lithium prices due to strong demand for this material, essential to the manufacture of electric batteries.

In Berlin, the battery factory project “maintained”

In Berlin, according to local authorities, the battery factory project is ” maintained “, while the Wall Street Journal had indicated in mid-September that the American group had decided to put its battery factory project in Germany on hold, due to new subsidies in this area in the United States.

Deliveries for the last quarter “could be solid”

Still, says Daniel Ives, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, ” investors are going to be disappointed with the number of shipments made this quarter, but see this more as a momentary slowdown than the start of a landing in the pace of shipments “. In April, Elon Musk had estimated that Tesla would increase the pace during the current year and hoped to produce more than 1.5 million vehicles in 2022. In the first nine months of the year, production reached 929,910 vehicles , which makes the objective likely difficult to achieve. ” Deliveries for the last quarter could be solid and approach around 475,000 vehicles “, However, believes Daniel Ives.

With the exception of the second quarter, marked by the closure of its Chinese factory, Tesla has managed to increase its deliveries every six months since the start of the pandemic, while other manufacturers have slowed down and then sometimes closed factories, first to fight against the spread of the virus and then because of the difficulties in supplying semiconductors. Net income for Elon Musk’s business was $2.3 billion in the second quarter of 2022, almost twice as much as in the second quarter of last year. The group plans to publish its quarterly results on October 19.

Zoom – With its Optimus robot, Tesla wants to build “a future of abundance”

Elon Musk presented two prototypes of the humanoid robot Optimus on Friday, which his company Tesla hopes to produce one day by “ million ” for ” transform civilization and build a future of abundance where poverty will be gone. During the conference, Bumble C an early version of the robot, sketched a hand salute and a video showed it bringing a package to an employee and watering plants.

The Tesla boss wants to design a robot that will eventually cost “ probably less than $20,000 “, and will be designed to be replicated in ” million units “. He is betting on first deliveries within three to five years. The multi-billionaire presented in 2021 this project for a robot that can perform repetitive tasks instead of humans. ” It means a future of abundance, a future where there is no poverty, where people will have what they want in terms of products and services. “, detailed the boss of SpaceX (rockets) and Neuralink (brain implants). ” A lot of people think we’re just a cool builder “, but Tesla is also” the leader in artificial intelligence “, assured Elon Musk. He plans to test Optimus at the group’s California factory to prove its usefulness. He hopes the robot will one day be “ friendly » and that discussing with him will seem « natural “. He also promised security features, to avoid a ” Terminator-like storyline “.