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AI, combined with Asystom technologies for capturing vibration and acoustic data, allows machines to alert, but also to diagnose the probable causes of their failure.

Asystom, a benchmark company in predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0 founded in 2016, announces the official launch of its new solution: AsystomAdvisor.

With this technological innovation, which is a first on the market according to Asystom, the Occitan company now offers a solution that goes beyond predictive maintenance alone. Indeed, combining sensors and advanced diagnostics of the health of machines assisted by artificial intelligence, AsystomAdvisor allows its users not only to be alerted well in advance of a possible machine failure, but also to be able to instantly visualize, and this, regardless of their skill level, the probable causes of it.

The prediction of a failure and the advanced diagnosis of its cause, at a glance

The latest innovative launch designed by Asystom, AsystomSentinel, already made it possible to alert users well in advance of a breakdown, thanks to the ability of Asystom beacons to monitor not only temperature and triaxial vibration, but also ultrasound (precursor vibration and therefore damage to the machine).

Scalable and adaptable, AsystomAdvisor now goes even further and breaks the codes of predictive maintenance, constituting an innovation on the market. Based on innovative algorithms as well as multi-sensor beacons entirely developed by internal R&D teams, all coupled with artificial intelligence, it is easily integrated (in open architecture) into existing infrastructures and can monitor all components of any industrial system. Universal, turnkey and autonomous, it is entirely controllable remotely.

“With AsystomAdvisor, we are pushing predictive maintenance to the next level. To simplify, thanks to AsystomAdvisor, machines can not only alert when they are not working well, but also, thanks to artificial intelligence, provide a clear and readable diagnosis of the probable causes of their failure. We designed and developed this innovation with our customers’ needs in the field first and foremost in mind. They are the ones who inspired us, and whom we wanted to support even further, says Pierre Naccache, Founding President of Asystom. VSIt is also for them that we have designed and designed a solution accessible to all, and intuitive to use: in a few clicks, different levels of information and data accuracy can be obtained. This allows each user, whatever their needs and their level of knowledge or skills (novice or expert), to be able to quickly find all the elements they will need to prevent a breakdown and optimize their productivity. In a way, we move from the simple detection of symptoms, to the establishment of a diagnosis on the basis of symptoms…”

Asystom is currently deploying AsystomAdvisor to all of its customers, through a simple update (without requiring any additional tools or installations), and now offers the solution as standard to all of its new customers, so that everyone can benefit from this technological innovation at no additional cost.

Unsupervised technology serving the industry of the future

AsystomAdvisor is the result of three years of R&D. Its design was made possible thanks to the vibration and acoustic data capture technologies developed by Asystom since its creation in 2016, but also thanks to the continuous interactions of the Occitan company with its customers. Asystom has thus thought of its solution as a scalable technology, constantly improved according to technological advances but also to field demand.

Furthermore, Asystom stands out from other players on the market by its specific approach: according to the company, the “traditional” approach would consist in seeking a solution for each problem encountered, on the basis of an existing data history; Asystom, on the other hand, aims to offer a universal solution, capable of addressing a significant – and constantly increasing – number of problems. And this, without needing to rely on an existing data history, since Asystom technology generates data itself, thanks to its multi-sensor beacons. Thus, by using artificial intelligence, AsystomAdvisor allows the machine to generate the necessary data itself, before the Asystom algorithms take over to alert and provide very precise fault diagnoses, on all type of industrial equipment.

Added value for customers

Boehringer Ingelheim is an international group of German origin which is one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, acting for the benefit of both human and animal health. Strongly established in France, with several industrial sites, the company proposed in 2020 to Asystom to integrate its Synapse Acceleration program, designed to face the challenge of e-health and accelerate the process of digitization of the sector.

After a satisfactory pilot phase, which enabled Boehringer Ingelheim to concretely assess the added value provided by the predictive maintenance technology developed by Asystom, the group wanted to continue this momentum and become the first tester of the new innovation designed by the start-up: AsystomAdvisor technology. A new stage which took place in total synergy with the internal maintenance teams and the R&D teams of the Occitan company.

Frederic Dimur, Digital Open Innovation Director at Boehringer Ingelheim, said: “ We are particularly proud to have been the first to discover and be able to test this innovative new technology. We are currently finishing the test phase, but we can already say that the relevance of the artificial intelligence developed by Asystom, coupled with the quality of the data produced by their vibration and acoustic detection beacons, has enabled our teams to detect faults and anticipate breakdowns sufficiently in advance to avoid production stoppages. »

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Beyond predictive maintenance – Controls Tests Measurements

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