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Sunday extends its QR Code to order taking

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A year after its debut with payment by QR Code in restaurants, the Franco-American start-up, based in Atlanta, is developing order taking directly by smartphone. For customers, no more long queues at bar counters and having to look for a server. Launched just a year ago with a method of payment at the restaurant directly at the table from your smartphone thanks to QR Code technology, it adds a new feature intended more particularly for bars and fast food. The principle is to scan the QR Code to access an ordering page similar to that of a home delivery application. The selection of drinks or dishes is done directly through this interface and payment too. Approximately “500 bars, food trucks, food courts and fast food players” and three million French people have paid their bill with Sunday since the beginning of the adventure.

Suzuki launches 100% electric flying taxis

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Suzuki wants to become a player in the future flying car market. The manufacturer thus announces that it has entered into a partnership with SkyDrive, a subsidiary of Toyota which is working on the marketing of electric flying taxis in Japan, by 2025. This subsidiary of Toyota has already “successfully conducted test flights of flying cars”, and has developed cargo drones. SkyDrive notably distinguished itself during a presentation in 2020 of a first flying car concept, the technical sheet of which has just been released. The car weighs in particular 500 kilos and is equipped with an electric motor and eight propellers. This concept car would be able to fly for 20 to 30 minutes at a maximum altitude of 500 meters with a top speed of 100 km/h, while its road speed would reach 60 km/h.

Doctolib becomes the most valued unicorn in France

Doctolib carried out a financing operation of 500 million euros, which values ​​the start-up at 5.8 billion euros. Since its creation in 2013, Doctolib has raised a total of 900 million euros and has again approached its historical investors (Bpifrance and the Eurazeo fund) to strengthen its positions in France and Europe. Doctolib, which has 50 million patient users, raised funds to finance recruitment operations: the start-up’s workforce amounts to 2,500 employees and the company wishes to add 3,500 people to its workforce in the next five years, including 700 in 2022 alone. It also involves improving its presence in the regions, as well as the infrastructure: a quarter of the positions concern engineering profiles.

In Israel, companies are increasing high-tech monitoring and finding start-ups

The last DLD festival in Tel-Aviv proved to be fruitful for start-ups and large French groups to forge partnerships with the Israeli ecosystem. About 200 French people and around forty start-ups were present. Thus Criteo, Engie, Valeo and Carrefour are particularly interested in the Israeli market, attracted in particular by Israeli know-how in big data, cybersecurity, greentech or foodtech. Carrefour is particularly active with a partnership with the Electra Consumer Products group which gives it the opportunity to open franchise stores in the country, but also with the signing of an agreement with the Israeli cyber security company Salt Security.

Elon Musk passes Tesla to Stage 3

Six years after the publication of the second part, Tesla has just made official its development for the next few years with the release of its “Master Plan part 3”. It was on his favorite social network, Twitter, that star entrepreneur Elon Musk announced his intention to take his electric car brand to “the extreme”. The next major areas of development are artificial intelligence and the scaling up of the manufacturer’s operations: working on the arrival of autonomy in the brand’s cars and establishing a global presence. According to him, the development of Tesla, and in particular of AI within the firm, should make it possible “to move humanity away from fossil fuels” which have a considerable impact on global warming.

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Breathtaking news

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