China: a female robot becomes CEO of a company

Her name is Tang Yu, and a few weeks ago became CEO of the Fujian company. NetDragron Websoft. This is the first time that a humanoid robot controlled by an artificial intelligence has reached this type of position.

Tang Yu: CEO of a leading video game company

Asia has always been one step ahead of the arrival of robots and artificial intelligence in the daily lives of its people. However, NetDragon Websoft has just reached an unprecedented milestone. In effect, this Chinese video game leader recently appointed a woman robot driven by artificial intelligence to head its subsidiary. The robot is able to calculate risks and make the most objective and rational decisions possible.

It is important to specify thatit is not a publicity stunt to make the company known, but a long-considered decision. Indeed, in 2017, thanks to artificial intelligence, NetDragon Websoft decided to create a virtual character in order to give him responsibilities. The goal at this time was to show its customers its know-how in the field of AI.

Finally, we can say that it is a successful project. The digital character soon became a female robot, who after being the company’s number 2, and now the company’s CEO. Very important position, since the company employs several thousand people and weighs billions of dollars.

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Symbolic governance

Naming a robot CEO of a company that makes billions of dollars may seem surprising or even frightening. However, Tang Yu’s function is above all symbolic. The robot is obviously programmed by humans and the main objective of NetDagon Websoft is to continue to prove the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in the business environment. Moreover, the status itself does not actually confer the position of CEO on Tang Yu, since the company’s press release speaks of ” rotating CEO “. Although the term is not clearly defined, it is not permitted in any country, including China, to entrust a social mandate to a machine or software.

A CEO who works tirelessly

The powers of the CEO-robot are therefore not unlimited. However, once the program is launched, it works in an almost “normal” way. She is able to approve, sign documents, like any CEO, but also to manage projects, evaluate staff performance, and possibly decide on sanctions. ” Tang Yu will streamline processes, improve work task quality and execution speed “, rejoices NetDragon. The company highlights its rationality and logic, because unlike humans, it has no feelings. The CEO-robot has the advantage of working 24 hours a day, and all that, without being paid.

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China: a female robot becomes CEO of a company

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